Mother of UCSB Isla Vista Shooting Victim Weihan 'David' Wang: 'Why Doesn't God Take Me Instead?'

May 26, 2014 07:40 PM EDT

Isla Vista Shooting
The six Isla Vista massacre victims, from top left: Christopher Michaels-Martinez, Veronika Weiss, Katie Cooper, James Cheng-Yuan Hong, George Chen, David Wang.

Among the seven victims killed by Elliot Rodgers were three Chinese-American students. One of them is Weihan "David" Wang, who graduated from Fremont Christian School and whose mother attends church several times a week.   

"I wish I could go in exchange of my son's life," Wang's mother told the NBA Bay Area while her husband couldn't utter a word as he broke down crying. On Monday. they will head out from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Santa Barbara to meet with the parents of other victims. "I'm just heartbroken. You just can't imagine for a mom."

Wang, 20, of Fremont, and Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, of San Jose, were both stabbed to death during sleep by Rodgers on Friday at the apartment they had shared with him in Isla Vista. The victims had planned to stop sharing with the killer because they found him 'strange,' according to NBC Bay Area.

Rodger then went on a killing spree, fatally stabbing George Chen, 19, of San Jose, and shooting two sorority sisters and a 20-year-old man at a deli, and injured 13 others, before killing himself, according to authorities.

Rodger, the son of Hollywood director Peter Rodger, wrote a 137-page manifesto and posted a video on Youtube about his hate towards beautiful women for their lack of interest in him, who thought of himself of a higher breed 'alpha male' than other male 'obnoxious brutes' whom he also despised. He also unveiled of his massacre plan, including killing his roommates at the start of his rampage.

Wang's bereft parents, Jinshuang "Jane" Liu and Charlie Wang said that their son was supposed to have come home on June 12th for the summer month, and head out on a family trip to Yellowstone National Park, and celebrate his 21st birthday. 

Ten years ago, the Wang family immigrated from Tianjing, China, to United States.

Family and friends were mourning the loss of Wang, who was majoring in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara.

A family friend of Wang, Judy Ren, told NBC Bay Area that she is afraid of sending her own 16-year-old child to college.

"You don't know where it is safe," she said. "You really think the college, the university should be a safe place--but they're not."

Isla Vista Shooting
Weihan ''David'' Wang at his 2012 graduation from Fremont Christian School with his parents, Jane Liu and Charlie Wang.

Wang's mother said her son was very close with the other two young men stabbed in the apartment: George Chen and Cheng Yuan Hong.

Liu described her son as "a very, very nice boy," who aced his SATs but never bragged about it. "He was always the joy of the family."  

"I'm a strong mom, I'm a nurse, I'm nice to my patients," she said. "I go to my church a few times a week. I ask God, 'Why doesn't he take me instead of my son?' I don't understand why this happened to me."

Isla Vista Shooting
Weihan ''David'' Wang and his parents, Jane Liu and Charlie Wang on family trip. Undated.