Evolution of Marketing Concept: From Focus on Product, to Customer Satisfaction, to Soul Marketing

( [email protected] ) May 28, 2014 12:44 AM EDT
Marketing Evolution

All marketing organizations and creative agencies say it marketing, and it is right, but in that time it is marketing 3.0, thanks to a continuous transition to something else, to something new, so that the great companies stay on the highest point of their profit parabola. Business is fine when the company can captivate the consumers.

Didn't we realize it? Yet, in the last ten years, if we open our eyes to the truth, has been coming in our daily living, a suggestion to consumer goods that the consumer experts identified at first as 1.0 , later as 2.0 and, finally, we are in the time of this marketing 3.0. The gurus say that the new deal of the marketing will totally focalize on the customer's soul. If yesterday the gurus thought about the consumer satisfaction (of happy memory!), that is about their needs, then about their relations, they want integrate as soon as possible all that with the care of his soul. The gurus are looking at the customer's soul. We are preparing the moorings, therefore, for the marketing called "...of happiness," that wants to conquer our hearts, to join the inmost recesses of our soul. Do you know the proposal "Pay with a kiss" made in the spring of 2013 by a bar in Sydney that offered a coffee in exchange for a kiss given on the spot, in the local? You can watch that in a video on Youtube. But if the time for a coffee is super-fast, and the time just a kiss. Pay attention to this initiative, that is the beginning, do you think it is a joke? It isn't a joke, various companies began to use not only the contents on their websites, they choose to talk with their customers as storytellers. That storytelling started with the copywriting of some major companies and takes the places of the contents, of the writing, of the written baseline. Pay attention, yet, you can create a forceful storytelling also with a new mode in writing the content, you can do it if you will edit written contents in style of a storytelling. You have to engaged copywriters able to this storytelling. They have to create the spots in style of storytelling, as a screenplay. We could say that key word "content" became a new keyword "context".

You can consider two important examples that all the people can watch: two short films, one by Procter & Gamble's and entitled "Thank You, Mom" and the second by Old Spice, an American company of beauty products for men, entitled "Momsong."  The two both pointed all one's chips on the "virality" of their storytelling that want captivate all mom's heart. We could choose as example other companies as Coca Cola, or Ikea, or McDonalds.

This is, therefore, the soul marketing or called Marketing 3.0. We all live in the new marketing era, centered on human spirituality. Philip Kotler, the guru of marketing strategies, said "Treat the clients lovely...." So, if you want to make profit!