The World Prays for North Korea on June 29

( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2003 04:08 PM EDT

AsiaLink Ministries urged Chrisitians to pray for North Korea on June 29 as a special day for prayer campaign, ASSIST News reported.

This prayer campaign is supported by other ministries also such as Christian Aid, Christian Solidarity Worldwide Open Dpors(UK), Jubilee Campaign and Release International.

Rev. Dale Hiscock, executive director of AsiaLink Ministries said "We ask thousands of churches and believers in the world to pay attention to the world's most closed and repressive regimes, North Korea in a worldwide day of prauer."

The date was schedule on June 29 because it is the closest Sunday to June 25 which is the date Korean War began.

"North Korean government has tried for long time to decimate all churches and Christianity. The world and churches don't know how serious the situation is in North Korea as a result of a lack of information. Prayer is the greatest thing that can touch their lives and give strength."

Rev. Yonggi Cho of Full Gospel Church in Seoul, the largest church in the world, urged Christians to join the prayer campaign.

"For many decades we've prayed for North Korea. There are many young pastors preparing for the mission in North Korea when it is possible. It's very important that we continue pray for the suffering people in North Korea."