Sudanese Christian Woman Imprisoned for Apostasy Gives Birth with Her Legs Chained, Husband Reports

( [email protected] ) May 29, 2014 11:31 AM EDT
Daniel Wani Holds His Newborn Baby
Daniel Wani holds his newborn daughter Maya (Photo: CNN)

Daniel Wani, the husband of the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy, says that while he is delighted to have seen his newborn daughter, he is angry at Sudanese authorities for keeping his wife in chains.

Mr Wani, 27, told The Telegraph that his wife gave birth with her legs shackled.

"They kept a chain on her legs," he said. "She is very unhappy about that."

27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to a girl Tuesday at the clinic at the Omdurman women's prison near the capital, Khartoum. She remains in prison with her newborn daughter and 18 month old son, Martin.

Sudanese Christian Woman and her newborn child
Picture of her with her newborn child in hospital.

Immediately after the birth, Wani was refused permission to see his wife, The Telegraph reports. But finally, on Wednesday, the authorities allowed him to see his family, and removed the chains from Ibrahim's legs.

"It was very wonderful to see my baby daughter - I am so happy," he said. "The baby is very beautiful."

However, this may be the last time he sees his daughter for several days, as authorities continue to prohibit his entrance.

"I will try tomorrow," he said. "But they probably won't let me in as I can only go twice a week. They make it very hard for you."

Ms Ibrahim named their daughter Maya . When asked why, Wani said: "Her mother chose the name."

"She is OK. She does not look too bad," he said concerning his wife. Mr. Wani says his heart is eased that his young son also seems to be doing well.

"Martin is fine actually," said Wani. "I don't think he really knows what is going on but he is happy. A woman is helping take care of him."

Ibrahim was sentenced to 100 lashes and then death earlier this month for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. The 27-year-old has been in prison since February, when she was charged with abandoning the Islamic faith by marrying a Christian man. She told the court that she had been raised a Christian as her Muslim father left her and her mother when she was a child.

Although she was heavily pregnant, she was been kept shackled in her cell in a Khartoum prison, and was not allowed to leave the prison to give birth in a hospital.

The judge ruled that Ibrahim would not be executed for two years after the birth of the baby . Wani says he desperately hopes and pray that the judges reverse the decision, but he "cannot say for sure."

 One thing he is sure of, however, is that Ibrahim will not renounce her faith regardless of the consequences.

"She is not going to renounce her religion, though," he said. "She told me that."

Wani said that he informed his wife that the world is talking about her situation and praying for her safe recovery.

"We let her know," he said. "She really appreciates that and is thanking people. She wants people to support her and pressure the government to reverse the sentence.

He added: "I really hope they do."