'Silicon Valley' Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers From the Cast; Season 1 Finale Recap

( [email protected] ) Jun 04, 2014 11:06 AM EDT
'Silicon Valley' Season One has just finished Sunday evening, and Season 2 leaks are surfacing on the web. A word of warning, there will be spoilers ahead!

'Silicon Valley' Season One has just finished Sunday evening, and more Season 2 details are surfacing on the web. A word of warning, there will be spoilers ahead!

First Season of 'Silicon Valley' ends with the Pied Piper team narrowly winning the Techcrunch competition, even though arch-nemesis Hooli delivered a much better presentation. The amazing win brings to Pied Piper more investors, but equally more challenges as the fledgling tech-startup expands. So, it is very possible that new characters will emerge in Season Two.

Even so, most of the original cast will be back for Season Two, minus actor Christopher Evan Welch, who starred as angel investor Peter Gregory. Welch died of complications from lung cancer last December. Welch's character lives on, and he will continue to communicate through messages to Pied Piper. According to show writers, the explanation for Peter Gregory's physical absence is that he is on vacation -- a very long one.

HBO is already ironing out the details for Season Two of 'Silicon Valley', and a recent leak from a member of the cast offered tantalizing details on what to expect in the next season of the Mike Judge-created series.

"Season Two I think, from what I've heard, might continue that, again put us out of our comfort zone," Kumail Nanjiani said during an MTV interview on Sunday. "There's the house, and that's where we're most comfortable ... and then the last two episodes we go to TechCrunch, and suddenly the roof is gone and it's all very scary."

"So I think the plan is to continue putting us in situations where we aren't comfortable, and it's going to be really interesting. [Judge] told me a couple of ideas and it seems like things are gonna get pretty intense."

The HBO hit-comedy revolves around the exploits of Richard Hendriks (Thomas Middleditch), and his dysfunctional band of geeky programmers who run the fictional startup company Pied Piper out of their 'incubator' home in Palo Alto.

One memorable subplot from the show involves a malfunctioning driverless car that kidnaps Pied Pier consultant, Donald "Jared" Dunn (Zach Woods), and spirits him away to an artificial island -- providing fodder for real-world discussions concerning potential complications of unmanned automobiles.

Even though the show's momements are at times over-the-top, critics have cited its relative accuracy in depicting the tech-industry of the real-life Silicon Valley. Still, 'Silicon Valley' has its detractors whom have raised issues ranging from alleged sexism to raunchy subplots.

Opinions aside though, the series has given HBO solid ratings over the past months since it debuted in early April. That is why it comes as no surprise that HBO is renewing the show for Season Two, even though premiere date details are sketchy at best.

A word of warning to viewers planning to follow this series, 'Silicon Valley' does have overt sexually-explicit content -- though not to the same degree and notoriety as HBO's other offering, Games of Throne. Even so, the show is catered mainly for the more mature audience.