L.A. Dodgers Trade Rumors: L.A. Make Move for Ray’s David Price, Trade Andre Ethier to Boston Red Sox

( [email protected] ) Jun 03, 2014 03:56 PM EDT
David Price
(Photo : AP)
David Price could help the dodgers pitching staff.

With the L.A. Dodgers high price dynamo of a team hovering just above .500 for the season, talk and rumors on social media and around the watercooler has been about how to give the team the extra amperage they seem to need through trade to ramp up for the season.  

No doubt this Dodgers team has the power to win, they were built to challenge for a World Series title, but now it looks like they need an early season jump start if they want to contend. They are 7 back behind the Giants in the NL West.  

Injuries have already played a big role in the slow start and for a team built on winning now, not many options are available, but ESPN baseball analyst Peter Gammons has suggested in the past that they make a move for David price of the Tampa Bay Rays. It many not be to late to take his advice.

The Dodgers are 13-17 at home and could use another strong arm in the rotation.  The move may just be the spark they need at this point.

Another possible suggestion is to deal one of the outfielders of which Los Angeles has an abundance.    You have to think the day is coming where  general manager Ned Colletti and Don Mattingly have to make a difficult roster decision in regard to the Dodgers' four star-studded outfielders, especially if the team remains scampering after the ever-strong San Francisco Giants.  

Andre Ethier
(Photo : LA Times)
Andre Ethier is much needed in Boston; not so much in L.A.

Even though the Dodgers have the money to keep Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig, its not the greatest strategy to mix-and-match almost every night. 

The Red Sox could sure use Either's bat, so they would probably be more than interested considering their own weak start.

Maybe the trade could serve as that pivotal moment in a season to help the Boys in Blue go from almost to all-the-way.  They could lose a heavy contract, and focus on their other great players. They could probably get some help for their bullpen this way as well.