Baby Girl Born With a Heart Defect Sees Beautiful Visions of Jesus, Heaven

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A Beautiful Life - Baby Giselle
Baby Giselle and her mom, Tamrah (AP)

Although Giselle Janulis passed away at only two years old, her life was rich and full of joy, as the little girl saw wonderful visions of Jesus and heaven during her short time on earth. reports that when Giselle was seven months old, doctors discovered that she had a serious heart problem.

Doctors told her mother, Tamrah, that Giselle had a congenital heart defect known as tetralogy of Fallot, the most common cause of blue baby syndrome. Tamrah and husband Joe were shocked when doctors informed them that Giselle lacked a pulmonary valve and arteries.

"I don't know why Giselle was born this way," says Tamrah. "That's one of the questions I will ask God."

Doctors told Giselle's parents their little girl could live until 30 years old, but most likely would not survive for long.

"I thought there was nothing wrong," she continues. "I wasn't prepared. I was at the hospital and my world completely stopped. I was in shock, speechless."

Two months later, doctors performed heart surgery and discovered Giselle's heart looked like "a bowl of spaghetti" or "a bird's nest," with small thread-like veins that had sprung up, attempting to compensate for the missing arteries. Doctors recommended a heart-lung transplant, a procedure that rarely succeeds when performed on babies.

Giselle's surgery at 9 months
Giselle's surgery at 9 mo. (Photo:

Although Giselle's parents chose not to go through with the surgery, they continued to give her a series of prescribed medications.

"I gave her meds every other hour and shots twice a day," Tamrah says. "I carried her everywhere and never let her out of my sight."

Despite her heart defect, Giselle was a bright, curious child, learning the alphabet at a mere 10 months.

"Nothing stopped Giselle," said her mother. "She loved going to the zoo. She rode horses with me. She did everything.  We're a very musical family and Giselle was always singing."

Yet it wasn't long before the young girl began exhibiting signs of her irregular heart. As her hands, feet and lips began to turn blue, Giselle's parents realized their daughter may not have much time to live.

Several weeks before the little girl experienced a vision of Jesus in the family's living room.

"Hey Jesus. Hi. Hi Jesus," Giselle said.

"What do you see, babe? Tamrah asked.

"Hi Jesus. Hi," little Giselle continued, her eyes lighting up.

"Where is He?

"Right there," she pointed.

Giselle saw another vision while riding in the car with her family. This time, she began singing the traditional Christmas hymn, "Rejoice! Rejoice! (E)mmanuel..."

Her mother was shocked, as Giselle had never heard the song before. Tamrah reveals that in the ensuing weeks, Giselle would suddenly begin singing "Hallelujah" as she walked around the house.

A week before she passed, Giselle was lying in bed when she pointed to the ceiling and said, "Hey horsey. Hi."

"Where's the horsey?" asked Tamrah.

"There..." she pointed.

She also pointed to a "kitty cat" but Tamrah is convinced she saw a lion, a glimpse of the creatures living in heaven.

Shortly after, Giselle's parents noticed her condition worsening.

"She was getting weaker and weaker," Tamrah says. "Her hands and feet started tingling and the tissue started dying. Her feet, hands and lips were increasingly blue.

Little Giselle left this world March 24th, in her parent's arms

Her grandmother believes Jesus revealed himself to the little girl to prepare her for heaven. "She had a foot on earth and a foot in heaven," her grandmother said. "She was joining with the worship in heaven."

Baby Giselle with her dad
Giselle with her dad (

Although she lived on this earth for a short time, Giselle's life testified to her heart for Jesus and her love for Christ. While her parents mourn, they do not grieve without hope, knowing they will once again see their little girl.

"My miracle is that she lived as happy as she did," Tamrah says. "Every day with her was like a miracle to me."

"It gives me hope that she saw the Lord and she is in heaven with Him. I know she is up there and she is waiting for me.

Baby Giselle and sister
Sister Holly holds Giselle after her passing (