LA Dodgers Trade Rumors: Matt Kemp on His Way to Boston Red Sox

( [email protected] ) Jun 13, 2014 01:02 PM EDT
As odd as it sounds, a Kemp trade could help the Dodgers and the slugger.
Matt Kemp could be wearing Boston red instead of Dodger blue soon. Dodger Nation

The Dodgers decision to trade one or more of their outfielders would be much easier if any of them were performing either great, or terrible.  But that is not the case in Dodgertown.  Between Andre Ethier, Carl Crawford, and Matt Kemp, they've got three players with amazing potential giving them decent production that are all under contract for at least the next four years at prices that don't match their production.

Yasiel Puig will be in the starting rotation for as long as the Dodgers can keep him there, but the other spots are being divided out between the other potential All-Stars, plus Scott Van Slyke has shown promise and Joc Pederson, currently hitting .320 with 16 homers, is tearing up the minors.  

Because of all these factors, and the belief that settling on a starting rotation would be best for the Dodgers, who are flirting with .500, and are chasing the Giants,  it's believed the Dodgers are open to moving Kemp. The Dodgers have to understand that their chase for a pennant may require changes now, and it's clear with the money that has been spent, the Dodgers are interested in doing just that.  

The New York Post thinks a handful of teams could have interest in the struggling slugger, who has as much potential as anyone swinging a bat.

The risk with Kemp includes trading for a 29-year-old with some potential health and mindset issues. Add that that to his offensive woes, and the fact that he's owed $107 million dollars over the next five-years, and it's understandable why teams would think long and hard before trying to acquire the former All-Star.

Of course, if Kemp found that swing again, and fit in with a new club, it would be a great play for many teams who are struggling right now.  Kemp might do great in Seattle in front of Robinson Cano, or he might be just right for the bat hungry Boston Red Sox.