NBA Trade Rumors: Tim Duncan Hangs Up His Sneakers, Lakers' Pau Gasol Headed to Spurs

( [email protected] ) Jun 17, 2014 02:04 PM EDT
This article tells about the NBA Trade Rumors: Tim Duncan Hangs Up His Sneakers, Lakers' Pau Gasol Headed to Spurs.
Tim Duncan Challenges the shot of Pau Gasol. Zimbio

Pau Gasol has been on the chopping block in Los Angeles for years now; just for enduring such a hard relationship, you have to hope wherever he ends up knows how to use his unique gifts and abilities, and gives him a chance at another ring.

The San Antonio Spurs, led by HOF coach Gregg Popovich, is just the right place for the big Spaniard.  

San Antonio's style of play is a perfect fit for Gasol, who, according to Bleacher Report at least, is one of the best passing big men in league history. The Spurs would know how to employ Gasol, as they love to position their bigs at the high post position, and let them feed it to the others.  

Surrounded by sharpshooters and selfless players, Gasol's skills wouldn't be so terribly underutilized like they have been in Los Angeles the last few years.  His passing ability would be on full display, and he could find his groove under the rim.  

Although Gasol has been very loyal to Kobe Bryant, Gasol could have been so much more, somewhere else.

In Gasol's own words, it sounds like he recognizes the benefits of playing for a team like the Spurs.    

"The Spurs players maybe don't rack up statistics, but the team and the coach they have, to me, seems like a very good option," Gasol told the LA Times in a Video interview, "In the end, I'm more interested in a team than an individual player and how I would adjust and be worked into a system."

Gasol is still great, but he's no longer a player you dump the ball into and expect big points every night. At this point in his career he needs to be a part of a system, and San Antonio offers that. And the Spurs, for many years now, have loved a big man of Gasol's ilk.

If Duncan hangs up his sneakers after this latest championship like some expect, then they will not only have a want, but will have a need for, that type of player.  

It doesn't take much imagination to see a relationship between Gasol and the Spurs working out very well.