Kate Middleton Pregnant with Twin Girls is Possibly a Hoax

( [email protected] ) Jun 20, 2014 08:08 AM EDT

Rumors suggesting the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twin girls may just turn out to be false, according to voices within celebrity gossip circles.

Similar Kate Middleton's pregnancy rumors have surfaced in the past, and the latest one was reported on Star Magazine. The tabloid alleged that Middleton had been 12 weeks pregnant, and claimed that Kensington Palace confirmed the news that left Prince William excited.

Kensington has neither acknowledged nor denied the recent pregnancy rumors, and major news networks remain silent on this matter. With the dust settling, this latest round of gossip seems largely confined to the tabloids.

Allegation of Royal Misinformation

Celebrity Dirty Laundry has accused Kensington of baiting the media with the twin pregnancy allegation to deflect attention away from Kate's latest accidental 'bare bum' photo that was published in May by German tabloid Bild.

The incident in question happened during the Royal Tour of Australia, where Prince William and Kate were visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney. Kate, who was wearing a dress at the time, was briefly exposed by wind from a helicopter. A nearby photographer captured the moment. 

No Clear Evidence of Pregnancy at Public Appearance Events

Even so, Kate Middleton did not appear 12 weeks pregnant while at the Order of Garter ceremony, in a series of photos published on Monday by the Mirror.

During a visit to Scotland in May, Kate and husband Prince William were photographed downing shots of Scottish whiskey at the Glenturret distillery - making pregnancy claims even less likely.

The royal couple gave birth to their first and only child, Prince George, on July 22, 2013. Prince George is currently in line for Britain's royal throne.