MLB Trade Rumors: Philadelphia Phillies Trade Chase Utley to N.Y. Yankees, Rebuild Around Prospect Cesar Hernandez

( [email protected] ) Jun 18, 2014 10:13 AM EDT
The Phillies are circling the drain, but that could be good news for the team.
Chase Utley has given Philadelphia many good years, but it may be time to say goodbye.

It's safe to say that the Philadelphia Phillies have bottomed out, and should be looking for a way to climb up again.

Currently, the once strong Phillies are 31-38, and chasing the Nationals, Marlins and the Braves in the NL East.  They are coming off a two game winning streak against the Braves, but they will still be behind in the standings even if they pull off the sweep.  

David Murphy with the Philadelphia Inquirer argues that, at the end of the day, this is good for the team and Philly fans should be happy.  

"All that you have witnessed over the last month in Phillies baseball - the fundamental errors, the offensive impotence, and, especially the losses - are good things for your long-term future as a Phillies fan. One can argue that, had all of these things happened at this time last year, the organization would be one year closer to contention, instead of staving off an inevitable rebuilding process," he writes.

Because of this, things are ripe for a big trade or three out of Philadelphia, and Cliff Lee and Chase Utley are probably going to be the first to go, if the Philly's can find sutors.

Rant Sports argues that the perfect spot for Utley would be with the New York Yankees.  

This argument centers on the fact that the Phillies have an outstanding second baseman prospect in Cesar Hernandez, who looks like he's ready to contribute offensively and defensively for a long time, but is blocked by Utley. Hernandez looks like he could be outstanding defensively and a solid on-base type bat for a long time.  It's doubtful he will ever meet Utley's power numbers, but he is definitely a piece to build around for a solid foundation.  

Utley's current contract with Philadelphia runs through 2015, and he would represent a far better option for the Yankees than their current injury-prone second baseman, Brian Roberts. Utley's compact left-handed hitting swing would be perfect for the short right-field porch at Yankee Stadium. Currently Utley is batting .301, with 5 Home Runs and 24 doubles.  Roberts is batting .236 with 2 Homers and 8 doubles.  

The move would be a risk for the Phillies, but at this point, what do they have to lose?