Oakland Raiders Rumors: Denarius Moore Sent to Atlanta Falcons, Matt McGloin Heads to Texans

( [email protected] ) Jun 18, 2014 02:56 PM EDT
The Raiders need to streamline to get ready for a new season.
Denarius Moore is known for his speed at wide receiver. Raiders Tribune

The trade season is getting started, and when you look at the Oakland Raiders, a few players stand out as possible trade bait.  

On the first look at the team, as NFL.com pointed out in a recent artilce, you can start by marking Denarius Moore as a likely trade candidate.  

According to the article, Moore has been plagued by inconsistency since flashing major playmaking ability in his rookie training camp.  Also, according to NFL.com, he appeared to fall out of favor with the Raiders' coaching staff last season, so this could work against him staying in Oakland as the team tries to regroup. Now that the team has signed James Jones and claimed Greg Little off waivers, some cuts will probably have to be made in late August and they are probably looking at homegrown receivers like Moore.  

The thing hurting the Raider's chances of unloading Moore is that the two teams in most desperate need for receiving help are the Chiefs and the Chargers, both division rivals, and no one likes helping a rival.  

The Falcoholic makes a case for the Atlanta Falcons that just might work out well for both teams.  

The Falcons have a great receiving tandem in  Roddy White and Julio Jones, two of the best in the NFL. Behind them, they have  Harry Douglas, who is well loved and respected in the ATL,  and special teams ace Devin Hester who is new to the team.   Drew Davis and Darius Johnson, both previously undrafted free agents, back up the main 4.  

If the Falcons added Moore, they would be ready for any injury at that position, and, because of Moore's speed, would be a terror for any defense if/when they lined up 4 deep. Imagine the threat of all that speed for the opposition. I bet Falcon's QB Matt Ryan would vote for it!

Although this deal is unlikely now, it could get more likely as the offseason progresses.  If the Falcons have need or room as the league closes in toward the season later this summer, they may go after Moore.

Oakland Quarterback Matt McGloin has also been the subject of some trade rumors.  He and Terrelle Pryor split time at the position for the Raiders last year, and since then, Pryor has been traded to the Seahawks, and the Raiders have picked up Matt Schaub as the starter.  

Ironically, It is now speculated that McGloin may be headed to Texas, because of his ties with Coach Bill O'Brien. He was O'Brien's Quarterback while at Penn State.  

McGloin's stock as a trade chip went up when the team stuck with him over Pryor, but it went down again when they brought in Schaub.  McGloin could work out well backing up new hire Ryan Fitzpatrick in Texas, and may even come to replace him as Fitzpatrick has been somewhat injury prone.