NFL Trade Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Graham on His Way to Miami Dolphins, Never Meshed with Coach Chip Kelly

( [email protected] ) Jun 23, 2014 04:17 PM EDT
Eagles Coach Chip Kelly knows he has no time to waste to win in Philly.
Graham believes he can be a stand-out in the league, with the right opportunity. G Cobb

The Philadelphia Eagles under Chip Kelly have made some league-shaking changes on offense, but during the offseason, they may put some emphasis on the defensive side of the ball.  

As he did on the offense, Kelly is prepared to make some cuts on defense, and replace them with players who fit his needs, or players he likes to work with.  

For instance, it has long been rumored that the Eagles are trying to work a trade involving Miami's Dion Jordan for Brandon Graham.  

According to, Graham, the Eagles 2010 first round pick, has fallen out with Kelly's defense and is on the trading blocks.   It's worth pointing out that Graham was selected by Andy Reid's staff, before Kelly got the job.   

After last season, Graham was in hopes of getting the starting job, but the Eagles are bring back Trent Cole, and they selected Marcus Smart in the draft, so the writing is on the wall that the team has other plans.  No matter, according to Delaware Online, Graham wants to stay in Philly anyway.  

But, alas, that is probably not to be.  Kelly is very familiar with Jordan, and he knows he can get the best from Jordan.  He also knows there is no time to waste, and he needs to put the best package on the field next year.  

Graham and Jordan both have been listed on NFL.coms list of probable trades this offseason, but don't expect the move to occur any time soon.  

Graham finished with three sacks and 21 tackles and played just 27 percent of the snaps last season.

Neither team feels rushed to make this trade, but it will still probably happen. also reports that according to a league source, Philly has already attempted to package a second-round draft pick and Graham in exchange for last year's No. 3 overall selection.

The Dolphins are going to wait and see what the best deal for Jordan is, before they make a decision.  If other teams show serious interest, I wouldn't be surprised if the Eagles don't up the ante a bit.