NFL Trade Rumors: Disgruntled Texan Andre Johnson To New York Jets

( [email protected] ) Jun 24, 2014 12:58 AM EDT
Even though he has been one of the best Texans over the years, a move now  might be the best for both teams and Johnson.
ANdre Johnson has voiced his displeasure with Houston lately. TD daily

Andre Johnson missed some OTAs and made comments reflecting doubt on his place with the Texans, and since then his name has come up numerous times in trade rumor discussions.

Johnson has been disgruntled with the downturn in success with the Texans over the last few seasons, and when he saw the team pull in Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason, he must not have been happy with the selection, and must have doubts about the team getting back to winning.  The Texans started their OTAs and Johnson was not there.

To first year head coach Bill O'Brien, this has got to be an NFL eye-opener.

During the OTA absence, O'Brien downplayed the missing Johnson, the team's leading wide receiver, and noted that the two had spoken and text multiple times.  O'Brien clearly wants to keep the drama to a minimum, but there is clearly trouble in H-town, no matter the spin.  

"He and I have had positive conversations," O'Brien said, via "I have a ton of respect for him. We'd love to have him here now. That's up to him. We're moving forward with the players that are here. These guys are working extremely hard. That's where it's at."

Johnson has been with the team since it's early days, having been the team's first pick in 2003.  He was the third overall pick that year and has been a great addition ever since. Some could argue that he has become the face of the franchise, and is still one of the teams premier draws.  

Financially, it does not make sense to get rid of Johnson this season because the Texans have to pay him regardless. However, as injuries begin to mount in training camp, some teams might make a run at Johnson.  

If there is still any undercurrent of problems, the Texans may think about making some changes.  If they are going to cut ties with Johnson, this is probably about the time to do it.  He is still performing, but how much does he have left?  

Some have speculated and even lobbied for the New York Jets, as they may need to revamp their offensive weapons if they want to give Geno Smith and the team a shot at success this year. After getting Eric Decker at reciever, they went for Desean Jackson too, before Washington got him.

The Jets are clearly in the market to give the receiving core another boost, so Johnson may be the guy.  

If he's not happy in Texas, then Johnson may see a contender in the Jets. He could strengthen a team as they make a run for a ring possibly, but he is clearly not interested in going through a rebuilding again.