Christian Radio Host John Balyo Admits to Raping a 12-Year-Old Boy, Faces Life in Prison

( [email protected] ) Jun 25, 2014 01:09 PM EDT
John Balyo, former radio host on a popular Christian music station, was arrested earlier this week on charges of sexual misconduct with minors. Now, he has admitted to engaging in sexual activity with a 12 year old boy and is being held without bail and facing life in prison.
John Balyo, 35, a former Christian radio host for WCSG, has reportedly admitted to raping a 12 year old boy www.

John Balyo, a former host on a popular Christian radio station who was arrested on criminal sex charges involving children, confessed to raping a 12-year-old boy, the Calhoun County, Mich., prosecutor said Monday.

"The defendant did make admissions to count one of the complaint," Gilbert told Calhoun County District Court Magistrate David Heiss during Balyo's arraignment, USA Today reports.

Baylo, 35, was arrested at a Christian Music event after authorities discovered he had paid another man to arrange sex with underage boys.

Although preliminary bail was set over the weekend at $500,000, the magistrate said that following Balyo's admission, he would be held without bail "because the proof of the defendant's guilt is evident."

The former DJ has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct-a penetration offense--in addition to one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct-a touching offense.

Chris Lemke, General Manager of the Christian radio station WCSG where Balyo worked, said the company was devastated by the incident.

"The WCSG family was shocked and saddened to learn WCSG Morning Show host, John Balyo was arrested amid allegations which have since then been much publicized," said Lemke according to m-live. "On Saturday, WCSG and Cornerstone University ended its affiliation with John."

Immediately after his arrest, WCSG executives placed Balyo on paid administrative leave. But within 24 hours, the station had severed ties with the DJ.

"I want you, our radio family, to know that more than ever WCSG exists to serve as a Christ centered influence through compelling content, relevant platforms and passionate relationships," Lemke said in a statement yesterday. "Our vision is to be an encouraging and engaging media influence for Christ and his church, his kingdom and you here in West Michigan and around the world."

Lemke told his primarily Christian audience that "absolutely no one is immune from falling into the darkness of sin."

"We can't make sense of this," he stated on the air. " ... Did you ever have any doubt Satan was loose?"

After asking his audience to pray for the victims and their families, Lemke said that "God's people will not lose heart."

"We know you may be hurting as well," Lemke told listeners. "Yet, we have hope."

According to USA Today, Balyo was arrested as part of a joint investigation by the Battle Creek Police Department, the Michigan State Police and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Federal investigators say Balyo's was arrest was part of a larger effort, called "Operation Predator," that has a goal of protecting children from sexual predators.