NBA Draft 2014 Live Streaming Free: Watch Online Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins in First Round Draft Pick

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The NBA Draft 2014 will start Thursday night at 4 p.m. PT or 7 p.m. ET on June 26. The pivotal event tonight will be held in Brooklyn, New York. While US sports fans are fixated on the USA vs. Germany FIFA World Cup match this morning, the NBA Draft pick will certainly bring their attention back to the NBA, possibly generating another record viewership rating. Information on how to watch the NBA Draft 2014 on live stream free can be found below.

Jabari Parker NBA Draft 2014
Jabari Parker at Duke. (AP)

This year, Cleveland Cavaliers got lucky and gets first overall pick as they did last year. They have two options: trade the pick or go with either one of the top two overall players. While the Cavs decides on the athletically gifted Andrew Wiggins from Kansas or offensive talent Jabari Parker from Duke, they have reportedly offered the pick as part of a package deal for Kevin Love. The Cavs had first pick last year, and they went with No. 1 Anthony Bennett, but the 21-year-old draft acquisition did not translate into an automatic NBA championship title.

According to the Plain Dealers, general manager David Griffin seemed to be leaning more towards acquiring proven talent in the league as he stated that they're trying to get "radically better much quicker" and there's a "sense of urgency" of improving the team as a whole. But the general manager has yet to rule anything out.

NBA Draft 2014 First Round Pick - Andrew Wiggins from Kansas
Andrew Wiggins from Kansas State. (Photo: UPROXX)

According to KXTV, seven out of nine well-known sports reporters put down Wiggins as Cleveland's first draft pick and the remaining two for Parker. And seven out of nine believe Jabari Parker will end up in Milwaukee Bucks.

Parker said that he expects to be picked by Milwaukee as the Bucks have expressed their desire to pick him for their first round draft, but he did not hear from the Cavaliers. With this as the backdrop, the experts are probably right in their mock drafts.

Besides Wiggins and Parker, the other players potentially in the top five picks are Joel Embiid, Noah Vonleh, Dante Exum (International player from Australia dubbed as "mystery player"), Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, and Aaron Gordon.

NBA Draft 2014 will be televsied by ESPN, and can be watched online through live streaming free on

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Jabari Parker NBA Draft 2014 First Round Pick