NFL Trade Rumors: Randall Cobb Joining Cam Newton in Carolina

( [email protected] ) Jul 07, 2014 01:34 PM EDT
Packers' Jordy Nelson is staying in Green Bay, but does that leave room for Randall Cobb, too?
Randall Cobb catches a pass against the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. Packers News

It's all business in the NFL this time of year, and teams are trying to make the smart deal.  In Green Bay, that may come down to a choice between Wide Receivers Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.  

According to ESPN, the  Packers have said they want to hurry up and get a deal done with Nelson so they can work out a deal with Cobb, but the Packers drafted three receivers in the draft, so they could be entertaining the idea of letting one of the two walk.  

The seven year veteran Nelson has emerged as the Packers top receiver, since the team lost Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.  In 2011, he gained 1,263 yards, was injured in 2012 for a large part of the year, but then blew it up again in 2013, picking up 1314 yards, averaging 15.5 per carry.  He's by far the Packers top re-sign target,  as he still has many years left if he can stay healthy.

Most understand it's not a question of whether the Packers re-sign Nelson, but rather a question of when they will re-sign him.

For Cobb though, things could be a little less clear.  Although the Packers have said they want to keep the three year pro, 'wants' don't always get it done this time of year.

CBS sports recently included the 2011 second round pick on a list of players heading for a 'contract crossroads', and they pointed out that the money needed will be the big factor, as it is in most trades.  For the record, Nelson was also included on the list, but the Packers have made it known that Nelson is more likely to get signed just by being vocal about making him a priority. 

Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made it known that he sees tremendous potential in Cobb, but that may do little more than bolster Cobb's trade value. He averaged 14 yards per catch himself this year, so he could certainly help other teams at the position.   

Cobb, for his part, has been networking with other teams and players, possibly trying to make some inroads with another team.  

Fans in Carolina would love for the Packers to share some of their receiver wealth, but can/will Panther management part with the money to do so?