NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Bosh Lands in Houston, Rockets' 'Big 3' Take Off

( [email protected] ) Jul 07, 2014 05:23 PM EDT
The end of the 'Big 3' in Miami, means a new 'Big 3' in Houston
Chris Bosh is now the Heat's first option on offense. NBA

It looks like the Houston Rockets want to make their own big 3 by adding Chris Bosh to the mix, just like Miami did four years ago.  

According to ESPN, the Houston Rockets have offered Chris Bosh a 4-year contract worth $88 million. This is a good sign the Rockets have accepted the fact they missed out on free agent Carmelo Anthony, and they have apparently opted to have a hard run at Chris Bosh as their new number one priority. They had reportedly been considering a run at Laker Pau Gasol too, but this obviously puts Bosh ahead of Gasol on the list.

The Rockets have made it clear they really want to form their own 'Big 3' with Dwight Howard and James Harden.  After two one-and-done runs in the playoffs, they hope to make a move to put them into title contention.

Bosh makes a lot of sense because he can play the 4 in the paint, and on the perimeter, and would work well in Houston, like he did in Miami. The Rockets have plans to make room for Bosh that probably involves trading Jeremy Lin.  

Lin is due $15 million next season.

The move will allow Bosh to move back to his home state of Texas, while playing for a serious title contender. Bosh has said he would stay in Miami, as has Lebron James, but both have been coming off that position lately.  

Apparently James has already had meetings with the Lakers and Cavs, among other teams.

If Bosh leaves, it could make room for Carmelo Anthony to head for Miami, but most believe he will end up back in New York at this point.  

The longer the process takes, the more Bosh has considered other teams, according to the ESPN article.  He had originally said he would stay committed to Miami until James made a decision. Some think that James may have already given Bosh the go ahead, so the 'Big 3' may have already left Miami.