NBA Trade Rumors: Kevin Love Following LeBron James to Cleveland Cavs

( [email protected] ) Jul 10, 2014 11:15 AM EDT
Cleveland could land this season's biggest blockbuster deal; maybe two of the biggest, actually.
Kevin Love is entering the last year of his contract in Minnesota. NBA

Apparently if the Cleveland Cavaliers get Lebron James, they will not be stopping there.  

According to many people around the league, the Cavs have a deal in place that would send first rounder Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota for Kevin Love.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski points to the fact that the Cavaliers are only interested in the Love deal, if the James deal goes down first.    Other sources around the league are pointing out this goes the other way, too; Love is only interested in moving to Cleveland, if the Cavs get James.  

It is also rumored that the Cleveland Cavaliers will trade Jarrett Jack to the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday as part of a three-team deal with Boston to create more salary-cap space for the pursuit of LeBron James and Kevin Love.

Apparently the Nets have already agreed to take on the contracts of Jack and Sergey Karasev from the Cavaliers in a trade that also will have the Celtics acquire Brooklyn's Marcus Thornton, Cleveland's Tyler Zeller and a protected 2016 first-round pick from the Cavaliers.

From Cleveland's side, the deal is designed to give the Cavaliers significant financial flexibility by shedding the contracts of Jack, Zeller and Karasev.  The oddest thing about this deal is that the Cavaliers face their most severe competition for Love from the Celtics.  Apparently Minnesota is in no hurry to deal Love, so they are more than happy to have Boston and Cleveland drive his price up a bit.   

But if the deal does happen for Cleveland, adding James and Love to a Cleveland team that just re-signed standout point guard Kyrie Irving makes the Eastern Conference completely different.  If James doesn't sign, and in turn Love goes somewhere else, you have to wonder how it will affect the psyche of the Cleveland fanbase.  After being publicly humiliated by James four years ago, then watching him go on to win two championships while your team was relegated to obscurity, then to have him turn his back again, may be too much for the fans to take.