Mission of Joy - Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ joyfully

Mission of Joy believes they can make a difference, between heaven and hell, between life and death.
( [email protected] ) Nov 12, 2003 10:38 AM EST

India., Nov. 12 - Mission of Joy is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to reach India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mission of Joy has built numerous churches and 3 orphanages in Andhra Pradesh, South India. Clothing, food shelter, Christian education and staff support is presently provided for 140 children. Caring Christians provide funds. A monthly newsletter is sent to all interested believers.

Mission of Joy was founded by believers, with a heart for the lost in India, in the late 1980's. This ministry was opened on a shoestring and faith that God was leading. Christian volunteers gave their time, money and lives to bring the Gospel to those without Christ in India. Since its founding, Mission of Joy has launched and supported numerous Indian missionaries, who carry out the work in India.

Through Mission of Joy, compassionate Christians in various countries around the world, comfort the lonely, feed the hungry, shelter the orphan, and care for the widowed. A couple of decade later, Mission of Joy still operates with the same principles they began with. They do not pressure people to support us believing that God himself will draw those who should be part of our work. Further, everyone are all volunteers at Mission of Joy. Therefore, they take no salary from the donations of those that support this work.

Presently, Mission of Joy supports 140 children in 3 different orphanages. The children are cared for by 25 staff members. These dedicated Indian Christians feed, educate and serve as parents for these children. Mission of Joy opened it's first orphanage in 1989, it's second orphanage in 1992 and it's third facility in 1994. Mission of Joy has grown from caring for 15 children in a rented facility to permanent facilities that now care for 140 children.

Three other cities have asked Mission of Joy to open orphanages for their many orphaned children.

Presently, 100 additional children wait for the kind of care Mission of Joy provides.

Mission of Joy also supports numerous Indian-born missionaries. The financial support provided by Mission of Joy makes it possible for these poor believers to bring the Gospel to remote villages.

Over 1 million villages exist in the nation of India. Most have never heard the name of "Jesus" Our prayerful heart is to send 100 new missionaries a year into the mission field.

Mission of Joy builds churches on the average of 4 each year. Many of their native missionaries enter villages with little more than the clothing on their backs. The villages they are reaching have no knowledge of the message of the Gospel. Mission of Joy help them establish a church by providing a modest sum to construct a simple church. (The cost of these rarely exceeds $1,500).

Mission of Joy believes nations that have closed their doors to foreign missionaries can only be won for Christ by indigenous believers. It is their joy to support these courageous men and women.

Mission of Joy conducts an average of 25 crusades a year in India. During the winter of 1994, Mission of Joy saw more than 10,000 Hindus and Muslims commit their lives to Christ. In 1996, Mission of Joy saw 3,000 more give their lives to Christ. They try to reach out to the most remote villages of India.

Many people live their lives on the edge of starvation in India. A bowl of rice is all that stands between life and death for many. Mission of Joy attempts to feed as many as come to their door. Needless to say, this task is capable of outstripping their financial resources. However, God has helped them to serve thousands of meals each week to the poorest of the poor.

Mission of Joy believes they can make a difference, between heaven and hell, between life and death, for many in India. It is their desire to bring the gospel to a million unreached believers and provide permanent homes for many orphans. They build one orphanage at a time as God helps them.

Mission of Joy has established a sponsor program for Christians who feel led to help. Let us all hope that Mission of Joy can bring the light of Lord’s love in the lives of the abandoned and orphans.