Christian Mom Holly Fisher Receives Death Threats for Conservative, Pro-Life Photographs

( [email protected] ) Jul 16, 2014 08:03 PM EDT

A mother of three, Holly Fisher began receiving death threats after posting photographs in support of Christianity, the unborn, and the right to bear arms on Twitter.

The Christian wife of a veteran soldier, Fisher is an avid supporter of God-honoring freedoms. The mother from Nitro, West Virginia was surprised when a photograph of herself wearing a pink shirt that read "Pro-Life" and holding a Chick-Fil-A cup in front of a Hobby Lobby store after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor went viral on Twitter, getting over 100,000 shares.

Pro-Life Holly Fisher, Gun, Bible, US Flag
(via Twitter)

"This ever-increasing mentality that abortion is just no big deal is so hard for me. I find it very disturbing. When a woman loses an unborn baby, it's absolutely devastating ... Every February my heart is filled with the sharp pain and reminder that I should be celebrating a birthday; this coming February would be a 7th birthday. But, instead, I spend some time lying in my bed with that stuffed bear that plays a lullaby that my baby never got to hear on the outside ... The pain will never go away, especially during February when it always hits me the hardest," she wrote in a pro-life Facebook post recently.

On the fourth of July, Fisher posted a picture of herself holding a Bible and an automatic weapon in front of the American flag - "Biggest complaint I'm getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there's no gun, bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it," she joked, tweeting the picture to friends.

Pro-Life Holly Fisher, Gun, Bible, US Flag
(via Twitter)

Soon afterward, she began receiving threatening tweets from those who opposed her conservative views - "You're a bigoted, fanatical religious extremist," someone said in response. Some have even threatened to rape and to kill her, and to harm her children. "It's definitely too far when someone is wishing that your baby would die so there's less conservatives to worry about in the world," she told CNN in an interview.

Fisher is surprised that people have compared her photo to the Islamic terrorist known as the White Widow, who was once pictured holding an automatic weapon and the Qur'an. "I've got my gun to protect my family, myself, my freedom - it's like completely opposite of what she stands for," she says in response.

Fisher has also voiced opinions on the Obama administration and shows strong support of Israel on her Twitter account.