MLB Trade Rumors: Bartolo Colon Again with LA Angels

( [email protected] ) Jul 17, 2014 11:24 AM EDT
Contenders need to find dependable, durable arms to make it through the long season and into the fall.
Colon could help teams struggling to find a decent pitcher this season. Fox Sports

Time is a concept created by man, and sometimes people don't always play by the rules that go along with it.  Take for instance the New York Met's 41 year-old pitcher Bartolo Colon, who is putting together a season you would probably expect from a younger pitcher, and is only a short time into a deal that is suppose to last two years.  

The 16 year vet is 8-8 so far this year, with a 3.99 era, and he has given the Mets a solid 121 innings.

But the struggling Mets are not going to do anything this season, and they know that if they are ever going to get anything for Colon, the time is now.  

ESPN New York is reporting that the Mets are making the reliever available, and should get some interest from teams that are in contention this year.

According to Adam Ruben:

"The Mets are not yet believed to be engaged in serious talks about Colon, and it is not a foregone conclusion that he will be dealt, but a major league source predicted dialogue would increase in the next week. An August trade remains possible, too, via a team making a waiver claim."

The Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Angels, and Detroit Tigers have all been linked to players of Colon's ilk, so as long as the Mets don't ask too much in return for the dependable, middle-reliever, they should get some offers.  

The Orioles and the Jays have had some pitchers step up this season, but their bats have really been what has propelled them so far.  If they want to make it through the summer and into the postseason, then they are going to need strong arms to help along the way.  

Colon is making $9 million this season and $11 million in 2015 as part of the two-year deal he signed with the Mets on Dec. 16.