'Faith Baby' Born to Brain-Dead Mother, Family Rejoices in 'Miracle'

( [email protected] ) Jul 17, 2014 06:45 PM EDT
A beautiful, healthy baby named "Faith" was born at 35 weeks to Jessie Ayagalria, who was brain dead at the time of the delivery. Her family, although grieved at the the loss of the young mother, rejoice at the new life she has brought into the world.
Faith was born via C-section at 35 weeks after her mother spent most of her pregnancy in a coma. (AP)

A beautiful baby girl named Faith is providing hope to the world that God truly works miracles.

Faith was born Tuesday at 35 weeks. Her mother, Jessie Ayagalria of Bethel, has been in a coma for most of the pregnancy.

"I was brought in after [Faith] was delivered and it was an amazing feeling to hold her," Shirley Jerry, Jessie's mother, told KTVA.com. Disbelieving, she counted her granddaughter's fingers and toes.

"It was a miracle," Jerry said.

But the miracle was bittersweet, as Jessie had experienced a seizure and a heart attack in January. Doctors pronounced the young mother brain dead, as tests showed that the her  brain was swollen and had no brainwave activity.

The family decided to place Jessie on hospice care, where she was put on a feeding tube, IV and oxygen. Although they wanted to save the baby, the family was careful to ensure the young mother didn't suffer, asking for a do not resuscitate order in case her vital signs dropped.

"I thought I was losing a baby and a daughter till I found out that she was able to carry the baby," said Jerry. "I wanted to try at least."

Amazingly, Jessie carried Faith to 35 weeks, before she was delivered  via C-section. Although the newborn needed assistance breathing at first, she was "doing fine" a day after her birth.

"Just amazing that we were able to go on this complicated journey, that we weren't sure what the outcome was going to be and to actually be able to see her there and be able to hold her and know that she is healthy and growing stronger every day is a blessing," said Catherine Greydanus, Jessie's cousin.

Currently, Jessie is still under hospice care and still does not have any brainwave activity. While the family is deeply saddened that Faith will likely never meet her mother, they rejoice in her miraculous birth.

"It's like going through a roller coaster," Greydanus said. "You have to deal what's going on with Jessie, but then you see Faith and can't help but smile that something positive has come about this."

A donation page has been set up to raise money for the airfare home and necessities for the baby. Currently, 2, 100$ has been raised by well-wishers.

"I hope this baby is given the best possible chance for an amazing future. She deserves the very, very best," wrote a woman named Dalarie who donated $20.

"It takes a village to raise a child. Lets all do our part to help this beautiful baby."