Bill Newman Follows in the Stops of John Sung

( [email protected] ) Nov 12, 2003 10:40 AM EST

Evangelist Dr Bill Newman, of Brisbane, writes "When I had just come to the Lord as a teenager, I was given the book 'John Sung A Flame for God in the Far East'. It dramatically changed my life."

John Sung was the most powerful evangelist China has ever produced. He left China and studied in the U.S., earning many degrees and diplomas and his PhD. John Sung attended a liberal college in New York. One night however, he was wonderfully converted in a personal encounter with the Risen Christ. They thought he was insane because of his great joy. He was placed in a mental home. In the 193 days he read the Bible through 40 times.

He returned to China and within sight of the mainland threw all his diplomas overboard and set about to evangelise China.

In fifteen years, John Sung blazed the Gospel trail throughout China and South East Asia. Wherever he preached, meetings halls were filled 3 times a day, 2 hours each time. His fearless preaching drew countless thousands to repentance in tears, churches were revived and Bibles sold out.

Dr Newman commented: "You can imagine my great joy to preach in the city of Sitiawan in late October, where John preached so long ago. The old Methodist church is still there standing beside the new. We conducted meetings in the large hall beside the church where, night by night, the Spirit of God again touched so many lives in repentance and renewal in answer to feverent prayer,

"We moved to the beautiful city of Ipoh surrounded by mountains and hills. Here again, night by night hundreds came to the cross to receive the Saviour, others to renew their commitment to Him.

"Darin Browne and I conducted training during the day for those who wanted to improve their skills and share their faith more effectively. It was so encouraging to see so many attending.

"Thank you for your prayers. There are many more doors opening to us in this wonderful nation. The believers are passionate for Evangelism. We must set out sails where the wind is blowing.

"Please continue to stand with us as we take the precious Gospel to these Nations and our own. I have never seen a time where there is so much openness."