'Gotham' Premiere Date: Top Three Spoilers, Fox Series Preview Guide

( [email protected] ) Aug 05, 2014 02:33 AM EDT
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The new trailer for Gotham made a splash at Comic-Con last week, revealing much detail for the upcoming Batman-inspired series.

Despite its name, the show will not be featuring the legendary superhero. Instead, it will focus on the origin tales of Gotham's more infamous supervillains. Naturally, the bad guys do not immediately start out as villains, but gradually transition into the role.

Amidst a rising crime wave in the city, rookie-officer James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) begins his service to the city's police force, eventually becoming the city's commissioner. However, this takes place several years into the future, and may not be actually be explored.

Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), will appear on the show as a 12-year-old billionaire orphan. At this stage, Bruce has yet to become the "Caped Crusader", and is just a scared child under the supervision of loyal family servant Alfred Pennyworth.

Gotham will also look into the friendship between Gordon and Bruce, before the two becoming allies in their struggle against crime.

Fox announced that it will air the first episode of series on Monday, Sept. 22 at 8pm.

Series Begin with the Deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne

Similar to the original comic-books, the show begins with Bruce witnessing his parents, Thomas and Martha, killed by an armed thief in a back-alley. Gordon takes it upon himself to find the person responsible, touching off his long-standing relationship with Bruce.

"The murder of the Waynes is the metaphorical breakpoint that plunges Gotham into a downward spiral that will ultimately manifest into people putting on costumes, and going out and seeking vengeance or justice," actor Ben McKenzie said on Fox's preview trailer.

All Major Classic Batman Villains Explored

DC Comics fans may be pleased to know that Gotham will feature the origins story of every major villain whom Batman has battled.

"Gotham is a story about the origins the great DC supervillains. We'll be seeing how they came to be," said the show's Writer/Executive Producer Bruno Heller in the same trailer mentioned earlier.

Characters include Catwoman (Camren Bicondova), The Riddler (Cory Michael Smity), Poison Ivy (Clare Foley), and The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor).

The Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, and The Joker will also be in the show. Even so, showrunners have yet to announce the actors starring in those roles.

Alfred Re-imagined as Tough Ex- Marine

Actor Sean Pertwee will star as the Wayne family's domestic servant Alfred Pennyworth. In previous comics and film adaptations, Alfred is portrayed as the quintessential buttoned-up English gentleman.

In director Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight more recent adaptation, British-actor Michael Caine reinvented Alfred's personality as tough, but retaining an element of class.

Gotham writers will redefine Alfred further by portraying him as a no-nonsense, former ex-marine from East London. The new Pennyworth is loyal to the Wayne family, and is fiercely protective of Bruce. There are hints that this character will resort to more physical measures in keeping the young "Master Bruce" safe.

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