The result of 6 inquiries about christian administrations by CBS and Godpeople

Upon investigation, pastors and laymen have disagreed
( [email protected] ) Nov 15, 2003 10:32 AM EST

The latest joint survey on the decision to send a Korean army to Iraq conducted by CBS journal (PD Boyng-Sam, Yang) and Godpeople (, found that people disagreed with sending an arm force.

In contrast to the CCK, the results show (netizen 45%, christian 35%, pastors 36%) that people favor America's campaign in Iraq thus sending a Korean army to Iraq would promote national security and the alliance with US.

In addition, the respondents believe it is necessary to restrain the powerful influence of US by placing a voice of power in Iraq.

Other qustions such as "Should Christians form a political Party?", people answered "It is not appropriate because after Christian face the society in political arguments, in the end Christian will be left with a deep scar."

On the issues on "religious refomation", pastors and laymen showed difference in thoughts. Netizen and laymen answered that "To reform the obsolete church system, we need to keep a constructive criticism and an alternative plan." As oppose to laymen, pastors answered that "The criticism about church will bring an interruption to the missionary works and christian should set a good example."

The statements on "Giving a term to pastors and prebyters and award eligibility for re-election after their term of office has expired", netizen answered that "Re-voting will be awaken leaders so we agree with bring in new revoting system. On the contrary, pastors answered "We disagree with revoting system because revoting will fall churches into disoder.