Missing Amish Girls in New York Escape Abductors, Show Up At Doorstep

( [email protected] ) Aug 15, 2014 04:48 PM EDT


Missing Amish Girls
Sketch of one of the missing Amish girls released by the St. Lawrence Sheriff's Department, Aug. 14, 2014. (Photo: St. Lawrence Sheriff's Department)

The two missing Amish girls who had been allegedly abducted in upstate New York have returned home safely. The girls were taken Wednesday evening while assisting customers at their family's roadside vegetable stand, and were driven home Thursday night.


Fox News reports that St. Lawrence County is one of the largest Amish populations in New York because of its fertile soil and affordable housing. Many families in the farming community of 4,000 sell goods at roadside, and Delila and Fannie Miller often help tend to customers at their family's vegetable stand.

The two girls went missing after helping a customer Wednesday evening, and because many Amish do not take photographs, police began searching for the girls based on a sketch. Thankfully, they returned home seemingly safe and healthy the following day, and are now aiding the police investigation.

Authorities are searching for the two men who allegedly took Dalila, six, and her twelve-year-old sister Fannie to an abandoned house in a small town about thirty miles away from their home in Oswegatchie, New York. The men reportedly left them there and told them not to leave, but the girls mustered up the courage to flee to a house nearby. They knocked on the door and asked residents Pam and Jeff Stinson to take them home.

The girls were reportedly cold, barefoot, wet, and hungry when found, but they seem to have been unharmed. ABC News reports that some in the Amish community are now hesitant to allow their children to play outside unattended, especially while the alleged kidnappers are still at large.