RSS Chief lashes out at Christian Missionaries

He accused the missionaries of inducing the economically backward sections of the society...
( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 10:39 AM EST

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India., Nov. 16 - RSS chief Mr KS Sudarshan today lashed out at Christian missionaries for allegedly trying to target tribals and those from the weaker sections of society, and providing inducements to them to convert to Christianity.

While addressing RSS cadres in Ranchi, Mr Sudarshan said the missionaries, after being successful in the North-east, were targeting Jharkhand since a major chunk of population in the state lives below the poverty line. He blamed international politics for denying the economically backward sections of the society the right to exercise their franchise.

On the issue of Naxalism, Mr Sudarshan felt that Naxalite outfits do not have a specific goal, and only go about killing innocent people and create trouble among villagers. He said political parties, especially those parties in the Opposition, are providing whole-hearted support to Naxalite outfits.

The RSS chief said the need of the hour is to work towards development. Mounting a scathing attack on Mahatma Gandhi, Mr Sudarshan said Gandhi’s biggest mistake was making Jawaharlal Nehru the Prime Minister of India. He said Mr Nehru did not work towards the development of villages and made no changes in the policies framed by the British.

Mr Sudarshan said the present government was trying its best for rural development and allocation of Rs 6,500 crore by the Planning Commission for the development of villages was a step in the right direction.