Hillsong Hollywood Feature Film Set for 2015, Worldwide Release (Video)

( [email protected] ) Aug 18, 2014 04:49 PM EDT
Bobbie and Brian Houston
The Houston's founded Hillsong Church in 1983 in Australia. (AP)

"Why would anyone want to see a movie about us!?!?" That's how Hillsong's leader Brian Houston reported initially responding to Hollywood Producers who want to make a movie about the Band Hillsong UNITED, and the Church Houston founded in 1983.

"From then until now; much time, thought, preparation and prayer has gone into the journey-and as of today I can tell you that Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have joined with these producers in expressing their desire and excitement to put a feature film into theatres next April that tells the story of God's faithfulness on this 30 year journey," Houston wrote in a recent blogpost. He goes on to say that he hopes the movie will give people the world over the opportunity to experience the praise and worship that has been birthed at Hillsong.

"We aren't naive enough to believe that it's all going to be a 'walk in the park,' but we have faith to believe that opening up our lives and portraying the journey with authenticity may just point people to the One we live for and long to glorify-Jesus," Houston says.

"Already we've seen God do what only He can by stirring the hearts of influential people in the film industry to 'spiritual curiosity' and opening doors of opportunity that we have never sought and could never have imagined."

Houston gives God credit for "stirring the hearts of influential people in the film industry to 'spiritual curiosity'".

Houston says he hopes the movie will not only showcase all the music the band is responsible for, but also how God can use a faithful local church.

In a trailer for the film, Houston tells the story of a Hollywood executive Matt Weaver who had an impactful meeting with God during a Hillsong UNITED concert in Los Angeles, and Houston hopes others will come to the movie and have the same kind of interaction.

According to the website for the film, the movie will open to a worldwide audience in April 2015.