True Detective Season 2 Spoilers, Release Date: Rumors Hinting the Show is in Trouble

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2014 02:11 PM EDT
With hints that True Detective will score big at this year’s televised Emmys, there has been speculation that all is not well with the Season 2 production.

With hints that True Detective will score big at this year's televised Emmys, there has been speculation that all is not well with the Season 2 production.

Rumors over the past days tended to focus on the still unannounced cast lineup. Earlier in August, Daniel Fienberg of HitFix tweeted, "I feel like something has to be wrong for...casting to be dragging on like this." Since then, the comment has been reposted and quote by a number of commentators. Meanwhile, HBO has neither confirmed nor denied any of this insinuation.

An Early 2015 Premiere Seems Unlikely

Due to the fact that the True Detective Season 2 cast has not been confirmed, it seems less likely that filming has started. Hence, viewers may not be seeing the next season in early 2015 as previously hoped.

In a recent report, Forbes suggested that HBO may be struggling with finding actors capable of replacing Season 1 actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Both of them respectively played police detectives Rust and Marty. In the previous season the duo were investigating a series of bizarre serial murders in the Louisiana bayous.  

Also, a number of observers have questioned whether the show will match the success of the first season. It has been rumored that actor Colin Farrell had signed on as one of the good guys. The show may introduce a female lead Elisabeth Moss, who is better known for her prior appearance on Mad Men. Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights may come onboard as the third detective. For now, this information is based on rumors that have not been confirmed by HBO.

Even if the information is accurate, there are no guarantees the show will perform well with a lineup of A-list actors. One of the contributing factors to the first season's success was the way McConaughey and Harrelson played off each other. So, the future of the show largely depends on the chemistry with the new cast member.

Vince Vaughn to Star as Leading Villain

It also been suggested that Season 2 will introduce Vince Vaughn as the lead villain. According to The Wrap, actor-comedian will star as ruthless businessman Frank Semyon, who has his hand in a shady high-speed rail scheme.

The response from fans and critics has been mixed. Some commentators were concerned that Vaughn's comedic past was not well suited for True Detective's dark setting. Even so, the actor has experience in serious dramas that include The Cell, Clay Pigeons, The Locusts, Return to Paradise, and A Cool Dry Place. Given Vaughn's versatility in prior films, the actor may deliver a surprisingly good performance.

In fact, Matthew McConaughey was typically casted in romantic comedies in the past. Critics did not start taking McConaughey seriously until he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Dallas Buyers Club, which debuted after HBO's gritty police drama premiered.