'House of Cards' Season 3 Spoilers and News: Frank Underwood Prank Calls Hillary Clinton

( [email protected] ) Aug 22, 2014 05:11 PM EDT
House of Cards’ leading man Kevin Spacey prank called Hillary Clinton, in a video advertisement promoting Bill Clinton’s birthday.
House of Cards Season 4 promises more wickedness, scheming and adoption of child.

House of Cards' leading man Kevin Spacey prank called Hillary Clinton, in a video advertisement promoting Bill Clinton's birthday. The former U.S. president turns 68 on Tuesday, Aug. 19. Naturally, the event was staged for the benefit of the Clinton Foundation.

The video that was released on YouTube shows Kevin seated in the Oval Office as House of Cards anti-hero, Frank Underwood. While staying in character, Spacey confesses that he enjoys playing practical jokes on his presidential predecessors.

Kevin then calls Hillary while pretending to be Bill Clinton. Speaking in the ex-president's iconic Arkansas accent, the actor asks Hillary to buy him a baby elephant. Hillary sees through the ruse though, and tells him to sign Bill's birthday card.

In the final scene, viewers see a text-conversation between Bill and Kevin against the backdrop of Washington, DC. Bill asks if he is still getting an elephant for his birthday.

Pussy Riot May Guest Star on 'House of Cards'

Meanwhile, the latest rumors suggest that two members of the Russian punk-rock group Pussy Riot may cameo on House of Cards Season 3. Earlier, the City Paper alleged that members Maria Alyokina and Nadya Tolokonnikova were at the film set on Aug. 7. It is not clear what role Alyokina and Tolokonnikova will play in the upcoming third season.

The feminist music group started coming to international prominence when they openly criticized the domestic policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin. While protesting at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2013, Alyokina and Tolokonnikova were beaten by Cossack security guards. A year earlier, they had been arrested and jailed after staging a performance without permission at a Russian Orthodox cathedral in Moscow.

House of Cards Season 3 is scheduled to premiere in its entirety on Netflix's online streaming site some time in 2015. The show is still in the process of being filmed at this time.