James Foley's Parents Say Son's Death Reminds Them of Jesus, He Was a 'Martyr for Freedom'

( [email protected] ) Aug 20, 2014 02:38 PM EDT


James Wright Foley
Aleppo, Syria - 11/12, photo by Nicole Tung

The parents of photojournalist James Wright Foley said Wednesday that they are "haunted" by the cruelty of his death but believe he had accepted his fate before ISIL militant beheaded him, according to NBC News.


"We believe he was a martyr," Foley's father John said, standing besides his wife outside their home in Rochester, New Hampshire. "We believe he was a martyr... A martyr of freedom"

They learned of Foley's death "like everyone else" - with news that the group ISIS had killed him and posted a video - but they did not watch the gruesome footage.

"It's horrific," said Foleys father. "People can die in lots of different ways but this was the most horrific and it haunts me how much pain he was in and how cruel this method of execution is."

"It testified to his courage. He was courageous to the end and I think he accepted his situation and I think he accepted God's faith in him and his faith in God," the father said.

Jim's mother said, "It reminds of us Jesus. Jesus was goodness, love - and Jim was becoming more and more that."