Christian Father prays for daughter's killers

"May my daughter's ascent to heavenly abode show us all the seraphic light to peace and forgiveness"
( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 10:39 AM EST

Imphal, Manipur, India., Nov. 15 - A true Christian that he is, the father of the deceased Lungnila Elizabeth, General Administration Minister of Manipur Francis Ngajokpa continued to rely on the Almighty to tide over the tumultuous period while at the same time praying for forgiveness of the child's murderers.

The body of the eight-year-old girl riddled with bullets and bundled in a sack was found in a pond at Sangaiporou Sathokpam, about three km from Imphal, near the Little Flower High School, where Elizabeth, General Administration Minister Francis Ngajokpa's daughter, was a student of standard three, according to news sources. Elizabeth was kidnapped early this month for ransom by militants. In spite of repeated and fervent appeals, the militants did not release the child alive.

Addressing mourners during the last rites of the eight year old girl student, the father striking a composed stand wished the occasion would serve as a day to forgive one another. "May my daughter's ascent to heavenly abode show us all the seraphic light to peace and forgiveness," he said.

Francis also expressed hope that the mass congregation of people who had turned up to mourn the death of his daughter would encourage the killers to change their conduct and make them repent.

Touching an emotional note he remarked that Lungnila is present among the people as she was sent to this earth as an angel with a message of love and friendship and has been recalled to her heavenly abode.

Thanking all concerned for their endeavors in trying to bring home Lungnila safe and sound, the father said everything happens as wished and designed by God referring to the over-whelming respect bestowed on her daughter by the people.

"The sorrow and grief of mothers on the departure of Lungnila for heaven had contained my tears but down under I could not hold back my tears any longer on recalling the innocent queries and joyful activities of hers," said Francis Ngajokpa who described her daughter as a strong believer in God who seldom stayed away from Church services.

No external force would dare to test the bond of the people of Manipur if a person showers blessing upon one another and upholds the virtues of love, peace, unity and solidarity, exhorted the father during his speech.

Iterating that strengthening bond of brotherhood would promote peace in Manipur, the Minister appealed to all concerned to refrain from calling bandh or disruptive activities in the name of her daughter.

Terming her daughter's demise a sacrifice to promote peace, unity and tranquility in the State, he said resorting to agitations affecting normal livelihood would render the sacrifice into a futility.

Advising Lungnila's friends and school children to follow path of piousness and heed instructions of the teachers he remarked that future of a brighter Manipur very much lay at their hand besides fulfilling the goal of his daughter.