Australian Bible Society Seeks to Share Jesus in Response to ISIS, Christian Persecution

( [email protected] ) Aug 22, 2014 05:20 PM EDT
As people across the globe struggle to find a way to respond to ISIS, the Australian Bible Society says, Pray and keep preaching the Bible's good Word.
The Arabic Letter for N, is what ISIS has painted on the houses of Christians in Iraq, and it has become a symbol of solidarity for Christians of social Media. They use N because it stands for Nazarene. Bible Society

As people across the globe struggle to find a way to respond to ISIS, the Australian Bible Society says, pray and keep preaching the Bible's good Word.

The Bible Society, one of the oldest continuously operating organization in Australia, has put out an urgent appeal to help Christians who are fleeing from ISIS in Northern Iraq, and to show solidarity with the persecuted there.

In a statement on the groups website, they note that many of our Christian brethren are given the choice to convert to Islam, pay a protection tax, leave or die, in cities like Mosul and all over Northern Iraq.

They point out that Islamic State militants have taken over a third of Iraq and parts of Syria and that the UN reports 1.2 million Iraqis and 1 million Syrians have been 'displaced' by ISIS. The Bible Society is on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan, where thousands of Christian refugees are arriving. There is also a team in Syria working to supply Scriptures to the thousands of displaced people there. Through their website they are calling on other Christians from around Australia and the world to do more than just donate generously. They ask people to pray for the situation there, specifically they are asking that Christians pray for the Iraqi Christians forced from their homes in Mosul under threat of death, and that God's protecting hand to be with them and that his provision for them is plentiful in this time of urgent need. The Bible Society would also like for people to pray for their teams in Iraq, that they may be safe amongst the crisis and are able to carry out their work to reach families in desperate need, and that others would recognise the plight of their brethren and provide support for them.

Also, they ask Christians to stay informed as the situation is changing in Iraq on a rapid basis, so they can pray specifically and they can get the word out on social media.

On social media, many Christians have already changed their profile picture to the arabic letter for "N" in solidarity with Christians who've had the letter painted on their homes in Mosul, and across Northern Iraq.

Another thing people can do is share articles, photos and statuses about Iraq's persecuted Christians to build public awareness.

Through another statement on the website, the Bible Society also cautions against taking out any ill will or anger on muslims who are not involved or a part of ISIS.

The Bible Society organized over 150 faith leaders who have signed a message of solidarity, expressing their dismay and empathy at "the way our Muslim friends have been affected by the language and tone of recent public statements and media coverage."

The campaign, titled 'The Welcoming Australian' is asking members of the Australian public to support the Muslim community by signing an online statement headlined with 'We'll love Muslim's for 100 years'.