NBA Rumors: Are the LA Lakers Planning To Give Tracy McGrady a Comeback Shot?

( [email protected] ) Sep 07, 2014 02:12 PM EDT
McGrady worked out with Kobe Bryant this summer to see if he could still play big time ball.
Once a superstar in the NBA, McGrady is hoping to return to the game that made him famous. Orlando Sentinel

Tracy McGrady is hard to forget, to any fan that loves the game of basketball.  The last time we had heard from T-Mac in the NBA, he was hanging up his cleats after signing with the San Antonio Spurs going into the playoffs in 2013.  SInce then he has tried his hand at professional baseball, playing with the Sugar Land Skeeters for a short time last year.    But now it seems that McGrady is interested in testing the waters again for a potential comeback in the game he has found the most success.  According to Yahoo! Sports,  McGrady, 35, worked out with Kobe Bryant for three days to "test his body" on it's readiness for a potential NBA comeback.

Unfortunately for MacGrady,  there are still several hurdles to clear in order for this comeback dream to become a reality. First, his body would have to hold up to the rigors of serious basketball. Next, he's contractually obligated to be involved in a "basketball tour" in China where he remains a cult figure since partnering up with Yao Ming and the Houston Rockets from 2004-2010. And Finally, he would have to get the attention of an NBA General Manager who was willing to extend him a contract.

McGrady also told Yahoo! Sports via email that "The comeback will not happen, unless I have the drive whenever I get back."  The Yahoo report also states that two teams were contacted about interest in McGrady, but neither wanted to get serious about signing him.  He suffered from knee and back injuries late in his career, after winning 2 NBA scoring titles in his younger days. When he last played he looked like a shell of his former self.    

Like Bryant, McGrady went to the NBA straight out of high school.  He was selected 9th overall by the Toronto Raptors in 1997.