Bible CD in Malayalam launched by US-based Keralite

"Translating the Bible into Malayalam in the most simple form was a difficult task."
( [email protected] ) Nov 19, 2003 10:52 AM EST

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India., Nov. 19 - After 14 years of effort, New York based Keralite evangelist Mathews Vergis has launched a Bible CD in Malayalam.

"Translating the Bible into Malayalam in the most simple form was a difficult task. Even though there are translations of the Malayalam Bible, I wanted it to be in the most simple format that could be read and understood by anyone who has just a basic knowledge of the language," said Vergis.

The hard copy of the translated Bible CD is now in its second edition because Vergis has been selling it for just Rs 75.

The highlight of the CD is that anyone can search it using words from the Bible.

The 31,173 verses in 1,189 chapters of the 66 books of both the old and new testaments are divided subject-wise under about 2,000 sub titles. All the parables of Jesus Christ are available at the click of a mouse.

Also included in the CD are 50 paintings depicting Biblical events, arranged in chronological order. And for those seeking more, there are 114 topics that give readers an impetus to pray and meditate.

Some of the scripture has been presented on audio on the CD and Vergis has penned and tuned 88 hymns that have been sung by 13 popular singers.

Vergis leads inter-denominational Christian prayer groups that organise fasting prayers at several places across the globe.