Anti-Christian, Islamic Hackers Attack Kirk Cameron's 'Saving Christmas' Movie Website

Sep 09, 2014 12:37 PM EDT

The website promoting actor Kirk Cameron's upcoming movie "Saving Christmas" was hacked by Anti-Christian, Islamic hackers at least twice in the past two days, the film's production team said.

The website was taken over Sunday by Ayyildiz Tim International Force, a Turkish hacker group described as anti-Christian, anti-Israel and anti-American, The Blaze reported. In the past, the group has reportedly attacked Israel's Iron Dome and the United Nations.

The production team was able to quickly restore the website Sunday, but the hackers struck again Monday morning, filling the website's main page with Turkish text and a picture of the Islamic historical figure Saladin. Visitors were automatically forwarded to Ayyildiz Tim's Twitter page after hearing music and a loud gunshot, The Blaze reported.

By 8:30 Monday morning the page was restored.

According to the Blaze, The "Saving Christmas" team consulted with a translator, who said the text on the site read: "The Turkish spirit will shine again, and the use of weapons will emerge in the nation's history as this hero will shine again."

Saladin was the Muslim sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine who fought against Christian Crusaders in the 12th century.

The hackers' decision to target the Christmas film came as a surprise to Provident Films' Ben Howard, who has partnered with Mr. Cameron's production company CamFaM Studios.

"We have expected opposition to the message of 'Saving Christmas' from the beginning. But we had no idea it would come from the other side of the world," he told The Blaze. "This incident only heightens our resolve to help this important message get out."

"Christmas changed everything...even bad sweaters and cheesy celebrations are offensive to those who hate the true King!" Director Darren Doane said. "So hack away all ye Scrooges, but the Lord has come! You can hack a site, but you can't hack Christmas!"