Jeremy Lin Supports Christian Rapper Lecrae’s New 'Anomaly' Album (Video)

( [email protected] ) Sep 09, 2014 07:28 PM EDT
Jeremy Lin, Lecrae
Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

In a recent interview, Lakers guard Jeremy Lin articulated how much Christian rapper Lecrae's music has impacted his walk with the Lord and expressed his support for the artist's new release, 'Anomaly.'

It is expected that a number of Lecrae's songs will make Jeremy Lin's warm-up playlist for his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers this year. Lin has been a fan of Lecrae's music since he was in school, and has been encouraged time and again by the rapper's Christ-exalting lyrics while playing in the NBA.

After Lin was given the opportunity to play in the NBA in 2010, he was placed on the inactive list soon thereafter and was subsequently sent to the D-League three times. "This was one of the low points in my life ... I was struggling so much in the trenches," Lin told the Bleacher Report. Christian hip hop artist Lecrae's song 'Background' helped the struggling athlete to cope with his trials during that time. "Letting God take the lead, surrendering my life to Him and letting Him work through me," was exactly what Lin needed to hear, he says.

"I kept listening to that song. I got sent to the D-League. I was getting benched-all these different things, all these tough scenarios. That song reminded me God has my back. God has the lead. I'm His servant. I'm His steward. I will go where He calls me to go, and I will do what He calls me to do. That was really, really impactful for me," says Lin, whose humble character has not gone unnoticed, particularly after being traded from the Knicks, losing his starting spot with the Houston Rockets, and recently being traded to Los Angeles. While these were certainly not the most comfortable situations for the player, Lin held fast to God's goodness and plan throughout these trials.

The tracks on 'Anomaly,' are unconventional for a hip hop album; Lecrae raps about his fears and learning to trust in the Lord, about salvation, personal holiness, and growth, about feeling like an outsider as a follower of Christ, and about God's faithfulness and being surrendered to God's will.

The album features Christian artists Kari Jobe, Crystal Nicole, Andy Mineo, and For King and Country. "I know it's just music to some, but it's one of the few things God gave me to work with. Humbled by it all," the rapper tweeted this morning.