NFL Rumors: Even After Robert Griffin III Returns, Kirk Cousins Could be the Starter for Washington Redskins

( [email protected] ) Sep 15, 2014 05:33 PM EDT
Like Tom Brady made everyone forget about Drew Bledsoe, Cousins will make Griffin a distant memory by the time his ankle heals.
Cousins played well when he came in for RG3. Getty

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III dislocated his ankle in Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he reported today that no bones were broken.  He will be out of the starting lineup for sometime, but he may become the backup indefinitely if Kirk Cousins keeps playing the way he did on Sunday.  

When Cousins got his chance Sunday, he took full advantage.  He came into the game on the team's ninth play from scrimmage, and his first pass attempt went for a touchdown.  From that point on he and Washington were at full throttle, cruising to a 41-10 rout against Jacksonville at FedEx Field.

After the game, Cousins called the team "Roberts team" and said that he came into the game to help them win, and he tried to do his best.  

He went 22-32, for 250 yards and two touchdowns.  

At this point, there is little doubt that Cousins will start most of the games for the Redskins this year, whether Griffin needs surgery or not.   According to the Washington Post, Griffin's injury and Cousins subsequent exceptional play, takes pressure off of new coach Jay Gruden having to make a decision on who would be the starter.  Although RG3 is a great quarterback, the Post report claims that Cousins is better at running the offense the way Gruden would have it run.  

"The dirty little secret in Ashburn is that Coach Jay Gruden actually thought Kirk Cousins was better suited to his offense, that Robert Griffin III wasn't getting it and there was no way to delicately make a change at any point this season without causing major problems throughout the organization," Mike Wise writes for the Post.  

Whether that is true or not, many people around the league and in the media have speculated about how the team might be better with Cousins at the helm.  

Chris Chase for USA today points out that Cousins is ready to step into the pro-style offense, while Griffin was still learning to be a pocket passer.  

"It was always going to take time for RG3 to learn the new offense and for Jay Gruden to adapt to having a five-tool threat under center. The offense that worked wonders with Andy Dalton in Cincinnati would have to be changed to factor in RG3's speed and freelancing abilities. There were going to be growing pains," Chase writes.  

All speculation aside though, this is Griffins second major injury in as many years, so his ability to play the way he does and withstand the hits he receives has to be questioned.  Right now, even according to Cousins' himself, there is no controversy at quarterback.  The starter is injured, and the backup is filling in.  When Griffin comes back, then there may be a controversy though, especially if Cousins keeps going at the pace he set for himself last week.  

"Kirk is a special guy," coach Gruden said in postgame news conference. "He has a skill set that I feel is very much suited for what we do. He can handle it mentally and, obviously, physically. He can make every throw in the book and we are going to move forward with Kirk."