The Central Korean Missionary Work Moves to Churches

Half of Missionaries want to go to a easy going church
( [email protected] ) Nov 24, 2003 01:00 PM EST

In a recent report, missionaries from Korean churches number 12,000. The pulpit increased the number of missionaries to 49% of its entire congregation from a total of 51%. It showed the movement of missionary work focus more on the pulpit than churches of the Potestant denomination.

On November 12, at the forum of the Korean Christian Pastors in Yang Pyung, the president of the Christian Council of Korea, Seoung-Sam Kang presented a countermove for changing Korean church mission based on recent mission work resources.

According to the World Prayer Information (2002) P. Johnstone, the number of Korean Missionaries are 12,000 and accoding to KWMA in 2003 statistical research, Korean missionaries are 11,614. Based on In-Sun Hong's essay, it says that korean missionaries in the United States count 600 people and the number of Korean missionaries total 12,214 in the world.

Pastor Kang analyzed this situation that "nowadays, Korean churches and the korean pulpit control the world missionary work." and "local churches are not only the source of support but also the guidance of head of missionary work."

Pastor Kang re-analyzed the statiscal research for dispatching missionaries on July 2002 and the year of 2003 from the Christian Council of Korea. Based on Pastor Kang's research, the highest percentage of dispatching missionaries organization is korea. The organization of Korea sends one missionary among the number of 645 christians. But GMS dispatched many missionaries, the research found out that it only dispatches one missionary among 2083 christians.

The present condition of Korean church missionaries allocation is: East Asia 2,430(21%), Southeast Asia 1,733(15%), West Asia 575(5%), Cenral Asia 800(7%), the Middle ease 648(6%),North Africa 201(2%), Central and South Ameria 734(6&), the Pacific Ocenia 453(4%), Europe 1451(12%), a round 94(1%), and other countries 1766 missionaries(15%).

Pastor Kang also explained that "it is a problem to send missionaries to cityward but a lot of missionaries prefer to live in a city." and "another problem is population, the support of missionary work funds, abnormal competition and lack of cooperation in unity."

To solve this problem, Kang pastor lists solutions,

-relocation at the same country or same cultural background

-move old missionary to other country if the nation has high rate of evangelism

-the strategic arrangement to send a new missionary to the nation that American missionaries are concentrated

At this forum it is focused on strengthening the leader of evangelism, the congregation of Korean pulpit, some evangelism organization and and other mission works. On November 14, the leader of evangelism and the director of the congregation of Korean mission works presented a discussion to over 200 people on evaluation of missionary selection, the funds for evangelism and also the way to activate church evangelism.