Moto 360 Release Date and Price (Verizon, AT&T): Sold Out at Google Play, Motorola Store

( [email protected] ) Sep 19, 2014 05:11 PM EDT
Motorola’s Moto 360 is shipping out early to customers who preordered their watches on Google Play or the Motorola Store.
Motorola Moto 360

Motorola's Moto 360 is shipping out early to customers who preordered their watches on Google Play or the Motorola Store.

This development first broke out over at GottaBeMobile, which reposted a Google Play email confirming the early shipment. The report also claimed that many buyers were receiving the same notices.

Google Play's shipping generally takes about two days. Previously, customers were told that the Moto 360 shipping was to begin on Thursday, Sept. 25. Apparently, this launch schedule was pushed ahead. Unfortunately, the Moto 360 is sold out once again on Google Play. Just days earlier, the store had restocked its Moto 360 inventory.

At this time, the Motorola Store has restocked the Moto 360. Nonetheless, supplies are not expected to last. Normally, customers have two color options - silver case with gray leather band, or dark case with black leather band. The retail value for the Moto 360 is $249.99.

Rumors suggest that Motorola is pushing out an all metal version of the Moto 360 in November of this year. Earlier, Verizon announced preorders for a Moto 360 with metal bands, but quickly cancelled the offer for reasons unknown.

Interested buyers can also preorder the Moto 360 at the major U.S. mobile service providers. AT&T announced that it will stock the new Motorola smartwatch at a future date. Verizon is currently accepting preorders for the leather band Moto 360 in both color options.

Specs and Features

Noted for its classical circular design, the Moto 360 features chamfered glass with an elegant leather band that comes in either black or gray. The smartwatch has a 1.56-inch screen with 320x290 resolution, and weighs 49 grams.

Extra features include a built-in pedometer that counts each step the wearer takes, along with a heart-rate monitor that measures the user's heartbeat.

The smartwatch runs on Google's newly-released Android Wear operating system. However, Google is already hard at work on an Android Wear update. As such, it is likely that the Moto 360 will be receiving that upgrade when it is available.