'Soul Surfer' Bethany Hamilton and Husband to Join CBS' 'Amazing Race' Reality Show

( [email protected] ) Sep 25, 2014 01:00 AM EDT
Amazing Race Bethany Hamilton & Adam Dirks
Amazing Race Bethany Hamilton & Adam Dirks (Photo:CBS)

The inspiring young athlete who returned to surfing after losing an arm in a shark attack is now preparing for an "amazing" trip around the world.

"Soul surfer" Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks will battle ten other teams in the 25th season of the Emmy-winning reality competition series, "The Amazing Race." Throughout the show, contestants will travel over 26, 000 miles through eight countries, overcoming extreme mental and physical challenges.

Amazing Race Bethany Hamilton & Adam Dirks
The cast of CBS' 25th season "Amazing Race"

During her cast interview, Bethany admitted that having only one arm may offer some challenges the other contestants won't face, but she hopes to "get real creative" during the competition.

"I hope Adam and I have a fun time adventuring in different countries and doing challenges," she said. "I hope we can have great teamwork and communication. I just want to have a blast!"

The 24 year old pro-surfer, who released a video celebrating one-year anniversary with Adam last month, has never shied away from overcoming extreme challenges and making the best of difficult circumstances.

Instead of giving up on her dream of becoming a pro surfer after losing her arm in 2003, Bethany worked tirelessly to achieve her goals in addition to writing several best-selling books, and earning a few movie deals including "Soul Surfer," "Surf Like a Girl," and "Dolphin Tale 2."  

Through all of this, Bethany has become a symbol of courage and determination to the outside world--something she credits entirely to her strong faith in God.  

"I think that we all go through different hard times in our lives and challenges and things to overcome and I just know that how I overcame was through Jesus Christ and that has been my stronghold," she told Fox News earlier this year.

Bethany is also working hard on her new sandal line, Cobian Footwear, which she says are both "cute and comfortable." A portion of the proceeds will go to her charity, "Friends of Bethany.'

"Our hope is to reach out to people who are hurting [through the charity], whether you've lost a limb or not, we all have trials to overcome. We just want to spread a good message," says Bethany.

"Surf Like a Girl," a movie highlighting Bethany's life as a pro-surfer will hit theaters sometime next year. The 25th season of  "Amazing Race" returns on on CBS September 25.