Boston Celtics Rumors: Rajon Rondo's Controversial Broken Hand Will Affect Marcus Smart

( [email protected] ) Sep 29, 2014 01:31 PM EDT
Rondo says he broke his hand in the shower; reports put him at a trampoline park the same day.
Rondo is one of the NBA's best playmaking point guards, when he is healthy.

Rajon Rondo has been on the trade block for sometime now, and he recently had a broken hand injury that might strongly affect Boston's plans, and Rondo's future in the league.

The controversy right now involves whether Rondo injured the hand in the shower like he reported to the team, or at a trampoline park where he spent sometime for his daughter's birthday party, on the same day he hurt his hand. All the controversy this summer concerned whether or not Rondo would he heading to another team, like the Houston Rockets or the Sacramento Kings, but there were more teams talking to the Celtics, according to rumors. Boston brass gave the word they were not seeking a trade, and insinuated they had long term plans for Rondo, but others think they are trying to find a way to deal him. Rondo becomes a free agent at the end of this year, and he can walk and the Celtics would get nothing. If they deal him soon, and he isn't involved in the future of the Celtics as has been the company line coming out of Boston, then they need to do it soon, if they want anything in return.

Regardless of how he injured the hand, Rondo' will, with-out-a-doubt,be out for at for at least 2 months. Other players have been nagged by the same kind of break even after they come back initially, so who really knows when or if he will recover. The injury will also lead to top draft pick Marcus Smart taking on a more prominent role in the Celtics' game plan much earlier than the team had hoped. Many believed they would see if Smart adjust to the role, and if he did, then they would deal Rondo sometime toward the end of the calendar year. High hopes are on Smart, who emerged from Oklahoma State who is renowned for defensive prowess, but needed better shooting. According to Team's scouts, he had an impressive showing at USA Basketball training camp. Smart will compete with second-year pro Phil Pressey for the starting point guard job. Added pressure will now surround Smart, as he will be one of the players to watch most closely in training camp.

How Smart reacts to the role and how Rondo recovers will strongly affect how the future goes in Boston.

Rondo's tenure in Boston has been interesting, to say the least. Will he stick around and sign a new deal if his had heals alright, or will Smart rise up and give the team more options?