The Word of Salvation changes stony hearts in North India

"The Lord visited his people with healings and miracles as proof of the truth of the gospel"
( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2003 09:48 AM EST

New Delhi, India., Nov. 26 - A recent evangelistic crusade in North India touched stony hearts and brought 103 souls to the feet of the Savior.

"The Lord visited his people with healings and miracles as proof of the truth of the gospel," the mission leader, on condition of anonymity, told Christian Today.

"Sinners, praying with tears, were forgiven. The lost were found and the sick healed. Mockers and those once bitterly opposed to the gospel now give testimonies to Christ's saving grace. Young and old were jumping in the joy of the Holy Spirit, clapping their hands and rejoicing, praying without ceasing. Many backsliders returned to the Lord."

"The gospel crusade broke down the stony hearts of the people bringing them to the Savior," the leader continued. "Christians made deeper commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who only knew a form of churchianity found hope, and non-Christians found life in Christ."

The group has now planted congregations in six villages, though at least three of them lack meeting halls. In the ministry's first outreach to a certain village, three families of non-Christian background came forward to commit their lives to Christ and were baptized. The new believers gather regularly for worship, and some of their unbelieving neighbors even meet with them.

The ministry works in remote areas unreachable by public transit. Often they have to catch rides on trucks or go by bullock cart. Getting there takes a lot of time that could otherwise be spent in actual ministry. The leader said that bicycles would help 20 missionaries, whereas six missionaries actually need motorcycles.

The leader said that beyond those making decisions for Christ, a number of young people came forward and offered their lives for Christian service.