Sadie Robertson Shares 'Dancing With The Stars and ' 'Duck Dynasty' Insights

( [email protected] ) Oct 09, 2014 03:54 PM EDT
Sadie Robertson Dancing with the Stars DWTS
(Photo: Screengrab of Video/Youtube)

Sadie Robertson teamed up with fellow contestant Bethany Mota to produce a series of short web exclusive videos for a behind-the-scenes look at "Dancing With the Stars." In episode one of "The Badie Show," Robertson shared her thoughts on Hollywood, the "Dancing With the Stars" judges, and on how being on a live show compares with filming for "Duck Dynasty."

Sadie Robertson joined Season 19 of "Dancing With the Stars" at seventeen years of age, and has progressed to Week Five with dance partner Mark Ballas. Her dance routines have been fun and sassy, and Ballas maintains that he will strive to keep the choreography appropriate for her age - something that is undoubtedly appreciated by her conservative Christian parents, Willie and Korie Robertson.

Coming from a small town in Louisiana, the first thing that Sadie noticed about Hollywood was the abundance of people everywhere - "I'm from Louisiana, and so I could walk like ten miles and not see a person and here, there's like hundreds of people everywhere you go ... it's crazy," she says. Sadie has also been amazed by how relaxed people seem to be in Los Angeles; she had dinner right next to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently, and thought it was so strange that no one in the restaurant seemed to be too star struck.

Sadie is also not used to being in front of a live audience - "That freaks me out because I'm on 'Duck Dynasty,' ... we get to record it ten different times if we mess up. This is like, you get one shot - if you mess up, fifteen million people see it ... I mean, just think about the pressure, guys - it's crazy," she says.

Being somewhat of an inexperienced dancer, Sadie appreciates what the judges have to say every week - even though she tends to get nervous about their opinions - "They really do help," she says. Sadie says she is a bit intimidated by Julianne Hough, but only because she doesn't want to disappoint her - "If she said something bad, I would be so sad. She's so cool," she says. She's also usually scared to hear what Len Goodman, who mainly focuses on the technical aspects of each performance, has to say.

Another episode of "The Badie Show" should be released sometime next week.