Windows 10 Free Upgrade for Windows 8 Users, Coming Later In 2015

( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2014 08:03 PM EDT
Windows 10 Logo
(Photo: Microsoft )

Microsoft has released a Technical Preview of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system with an announced launch window of "later in the year" for 2015, eliminating earlier speculation that it may launch in April of 2015.

But what April will bring is the firm's annual Build conference where more information on Windows 10 will be available. This Technical Preview's license runs out on April 15, 2015, so the timing will be perfect.

After an unsuccessful attempt to bridge desktop and mobile operations in Window 8, Microsoft opted to move two steps forward, skipping the Windows 9 name and heading straight for 10 in next year's version. 

Windows 10 is said to work more like Windows 7 than 8, focusing strongly on Windows apps. We'll see a return of the long lost Start Menu and a redesign of the layout, complete with resizable "latest" and traditional apps. A new features called Snap Assist will let users pull apps from other desktops within Task View. This Task View feature will show a thumbnail view of all open apps, much like Mac's Expose.

With a focus on unification, Microsoft said at its recent conference that Windows 10 will be the same operating system running on everything from desktops to smartphones. In fact, the new OS is said to be the driving force behind its new smartphone platform.

Although the new operating system will not be free, as some rumors suggested, Microsoft Indonesian president Andreas Diantoro confirms that it will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users.

It looks like we'll have to wait for April's Build event for more information regarding price and official release date.