'Dangerous' Hurricane Gonzalo Headed for Bermuda as Category 4 Storm

( [email protected] ) Oct 16, 2014 03:16 PM EDT
Hurricane Gonzalo Head Towards Bermuda
This image shows Hurricane Gonzalo, lower right, which forecasters said could become a powerful category 4 storm as it heads toward Bermuda, Oct. 14, 2014. (AP)

"Dangerous" Hurricane Gonzalo is headed toward Bermuda and should hit within the next 24 hours. Bundling winds up to 145 MPH, this hurricane is labeled as a category 4 storm. 

Though Hurricane Gonzalo may never make landfall, its reach are far stretching.  Addressing how bad the storm may turn out, Dan Kottlowski, AccuWeather meteorologist, says we will still see "damaging hurricane-force winds, torrential rainfall and very rough and dangerous surf", even if it doesn't touch the shoreline. This hurricane could also cause coastal flooding.

With a warning sent a day ahead, Bermudans are able to prepare for this storm. Local hardware stores are emptied of batteries, generators, candles, and other storm survival essentials. As the hour draws near, more and more people flood the stores in search of supplies.

Local newspapers such as The Royal Gazette are helping the efforts made to prepare the people of the Island for this storm. Premier Mike Dunkley urges residents to have all their preparations done by this afternoon. Dunkley and the residents of Bermuda have been though a storm recently.

Dunkley comments, "We have weathered storms before and we are well versed in how to manage our homes and our property," he said. "However, I urge people to err on the side of safety every time."

Last weekend, Bermudans spent time cleaning up from their last storm, Tropical Storm Fay, which caused a power outage of practically the whole Island.

L.F. Wade International Airport is on track to close tonight and likely remain closed until Saturday.

The US East Coast may also be affected by the waves this hurricane will cause. This is bad news for surfers in the area, as the waves may be dangerously rough now through Saturday.

The Hurricane Center said Hurricane Gonzalo was last centered around 485 miles south-southwest of Bermuda, moving at 7 MPH. AccuWeather predicts after passing Bermuda, Gonzalo is set to hit Newfoundland and Canada, causing far-reaching power outages, flooding, wrecked trees, and rougher surfing waters.

So far, Hurricane Gonzalo has killed one person and left 12 injured in the Caribbean, according to The Weather Channel. If you live in or near the hurricanes trajectory, please stay up-to-date on safety and/or evacuation instructions.