European ISIS Fighters Taunt Western Nations, Say 'We Will Chop Off the Heads of Americans'

( [email protected] ) Oct 16, 2014 05:22 PM EDT
Islamic State fighter Abu Abdullah al-Britani features in the new IS video

A disturbing new propaganda video released by the Islamic State features three Europeans jihadists taunting their former countries and declaring they will "chop off Westerners heads"

In the short video titled "Wait. We are also Waiting" first released by the International Business Times, a 20 year old British jihadist known as "Al Britani" threatens the Western nations.

He says: "We are waiting for you in Dabiq. We are waiting for you in Iraq so bring your coalition of unbelievers because unbelievers will not help you. We will take their weaponry as booty and these people will die."

The young jihadist, who converted to Islam from Christianity several years ago, also stated that he, along with the other ISIS fighters are "are willing to lay down our blood on this soil" and encourages the West to send ground troops to Iraq and Syria, saying "we will kill every single soldier."

"We will chop off the heads of the Americans. We will chop off the heads of the French, chop of the heads of whoever you may bring."

Al-Britani adds that the US-led airstrikes "will not divert us from our plans." Instead he says they will "only strengthens us and only gives us more purpose to be here."

The Briton also references the large number of IS foreign fighters and promises to "bury any soldier" that fights them.

In concluding his statement, Al-Britani says that the black flag of the Caliphate, or Islamic State, "eventually be on the White House."

The video was released mere hours after the Islamic State declared Christians to be their greatest enemy in an updated version of its propaganda booklet, "Dabiq." Within the literature, the terrorist group reveals their desire to conquer Rome, defeat Christianity, and "break the cross."

Over the past several months, ISIS has executed innumerable Christians throughout Iraq and Syria or forced them to flee the country in an attempt to establish a Caliphate throughout the Middle East.

Also appearing in the video is a French jihadist, known as Abdul Wadoud al-Firansi, who calls French President Francois Hollande a "swine" and says that "history shall witness events that have never occurred before" in Syria and Iraq.

"The Muslims who have arrived France to the Islamic State and the soldiers of the Islamic State are all ready for you."

"Come to Sham if you are real men. We are waiting for you."

The video ends with a statement from a German jihadist called Abu Dauoud al-Almani, who reveals the significance of Dabiq, insisting that it will be the final battle ground between Islam and Christianity.

In his native German, he describes US President Barack Obama as "a filthy liar. You lied to your people and betrayed them."

He also urges the leaders of USA, UK and France to unite against Islam and fight IS on the ground in Dabiq, vowing "you will only lose."

Thus far, ISIS has taken over large swaths of northern and western Iraq and controls hundreds of square miles. It also ignores international borders and has a presence from Syria's Mediterranean coast to south of Baghdad,ruling territories by Sharia, or Islamic, law.