'Duck Dynasty's John Luke Robertson and Fiancée Engaged on Principles of Faith, Sadie 'Can't Wait' to be Wedding Bridesmaid

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2014 01:47 PM EDT
John Luke Robertson and Fiancee Mary Kate
John Luke Robertson and Mary Kate McEacharn. (Curtis Hilbun)

A quacking good news, the "Duck Dynasty" clan is preparing to welcome a new member to their famiily, with John Luke Robertson, son of Willie and Korie Robertson, who recently announced his engagement to his fiancée  Mary Kate McEacharn. The two lovebirds have expressed how their Christian fath played a critical role in their relationship.

In an interview with FOX411, John Luke, 19, and Ms. McEacharn lightheartedly shared their romance and how they came to their decision to get married, but emphasized the standards that they've set according to the principles of faith.

"I never had a boyfriend before and I had just been waiting and thought God would send someone to me," McEacharn, 18, said. "I was just very particular whenever it came to who I would date and I had to get to know him first and see if he was up to my standards."

John Luke traveled to and from McEacharn's church to win over his sweetheart, who is Sadie Robertson's best friend. Then, the two started dating in March 2014.

"We said in the beginning when we started dating that if our relationship is not centered on God and if we're not encouraging one another to stay faithful and to just love people then we have no relationship at all," Robertson told FOX 411. "When I was growing up [my parents] taught me to set my own rules and guidelines, to stay pure."

Sadie Robertson, who is currently competing on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" told Us Weekly just two days after the announcement of her thrill and excitement.

"I knew like two weeks before," Sadie, 17, said of her brother's plan to propose. "It was really hard for me to keep it from her since we are best friends. Mark [Ballas] almost ruined it!"

For the Robertson's, marriage at an early age is not discouraged but runs in the family, as it has starting from the family's patriarch Phil and Miss Kay. While the Robertson clan and McEacharn's families have expressed their joy and excitement for the young couple, many have criticized them for getting married at such a young age.

"As far as negative people go, we decided a long time ago we weren't going to listen to them," said John Luke. "As far as being married goes, everyone has said something about us getting married too young and I think pretty much all of them are unmarried."

"The people that matter to us, support us," McEacharn told FOX411.

As for the time and date of their wedding, the young couple has not set a wedding date yet, but Robertson would like to see that happen "right away" while McEacharn looks forward to a summer wedding.

Sadie, Mary Kate, and John Luke
Sadie, Mary Kate, and John Luke Robertson (Mary Kate McEacharn/Instagram)

Sadie, who "can't wait" for the "I dos," told Us Weekly that the wedding will happen in June. Moreover, she is looking forward to take on the special role as the bridesmaid.

"Of course [I'll be a bridesmaid]! It's my brother and my best friend! I have to!" said the reality TV Star. "[Mary Kate's] been my best friend for a long time, so it's going to be so awesome to have her as part of the family - she's going to be a Robertson!"

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