Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship India

Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship is India's second largest indigenous mission agency
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India, Dec. 3 - Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship is the Full Gospel student ministry God raised to fulfill the task of winning students for Christ.

ICPF endeavours to encounter the post matric student community with the Gospel of salvation. India alone has more than 10,000 Arts, Science and Professional colleges and a lot of other post matric educational institutions.


Born in a student convention in Charalkunnu, Kerala, in 1980, ICPF has its roots in the Full Gospel student camps held since 1973. To begin with there were only a handful of voluntary workers and a few campus prayer cells. In response to the tireless labour of scores of prayers and sacrificial giving of God's Children, God protected it and made it grow and spread its wings over eleven states viz. Punjab , Gujarat , New Delhi , West Bengal , Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra . Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, with more than 80 staff workers and more than 500 campus units.

During the past years through its various activities thousands of students could be contacted with the saving knowledge of God's Grace and hundreds were rescued from the darkness of sin.

ICPF has also been a platform for transcended fellowship of churches and denominations where people of God come together bypassing minor differences, if any, and share the partnership of God's ministry.


ICPF has social concerns too. Through its Educational and Marriage Fund (EMF) many deserving students are being assisted financially to pursue and complete their education Also financial assistance for marriage is provided to the deserving.

A Mobile Health Care Unit provides casualty services and essential medical care. The team also cater to the spiritual needs of over 4,000 villagers who would otherwise remain unreached. Dr. K. Muraleedhar, ICPF president coordinates its activities.


ICPF launched ANGELOS I in 1980 and ANGELOS II in 1996. Fitted with sophisticated PA systems, musical instruments and power generation sets, they carry the Goodnews to campuses and streets. During the past decade, ANGELOS I conducted programs in most of the colleges in Kerala, several colleges in Tamil Nadu I and South Karnataka . ANGELOS II tours the North Indian states keeping New Delhi as its base station.


A hilly stretch of land of one acre and twenty cents at Muttumon near Pullad is purchased for building the proposed International Students Centre with camping facilities.

Construction of the Training and Rehabilitation Centre at Agali (Palakkad) is completed. The facility is in use since January 2001.

The Centers are for training and enrichment programs, refresher courses for staff and leaders as well as camps.


Quality literature for college students and educated youths needs to be produced and distributed. ICPF plans to publish periodical magazines with relevant articles and symposia on contemporary issues, as well as tracts and books on various subjects.


Campus situations are changing in India. As we look at the new century, our energies need to be continually channelised to the student work God has called us to do. ICPF looks forward to spread the ministry in all the 28 states in India. Reaching the very last student of India is a great dream. ICPF has plans to establish work in the Gulf countries and the USA also.


ICPF is a registered Society. The Executive Committee elected and appointed by the General Body is responsible for its entire functioning Prof Mathew P Thomas is the founding visionary and he continues to give effective leadership with Dr. K. Muralidhar (President), Dr. Idicheria Ninan (Vice President), Jacob Mathew (General Secretary), C.V. Mathai (Treasurer), D. Joshua (National Coordinator) and scores of other committed, eminent leaders.


Graduates/seniors who were benefited by the ministries of ICPF, as well as parents and ministers who love God's work among collegians come together regularly to give effective prayer support and ministerial and financial backing for ICPF ministries. There are more than 50 such chapters in India and abroad.


ICPF is an indigenous, Full Gospel, non denominational, Bible centered movement, looking to God for the needs. It is supported by voluntary contributions from India and Indian brethren abroad. ICPF requires about four hundred and fifty thousand rupees every month to meet its current expenses.


ICPF is primarily a prayer ministry. Without prayer, such vast and varied ministries cannot keep going. Your sincere prayers, active participation and sacrificial financial partnership are urgently needed to carry out our Master's task of impacting this generation. You may, as an individual, family, group or church sponsor a missionary, a camp, a two wheeler for a missionary, scholarships and or educational/marriage assistance